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Yally Inc, leading voice conversation system developing company. We offers Yallymate ultimate community service for voice conversation, Yallytalk application for conversation in smartphones and Dialog Doll with intelligent voice conversation

Yally is incorporated to develop products that help people see, hear, think, feel and speak. With the recent development and introduction of a host of speech-enabled, interactive, intelligent toys for Korean and international consumers, Yally leads the development of voice conversation systems.

Capable of engaging in not only everyday conversations but also multilingual, emotional, informational, recreational, and a range of other types of conversations, these toys are ICT products that could provide linguistic training for immigrant children, serve as a friend to talk to for solitary senior citizens and provide other differentiated services for a broad range of groups."

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Lee Jeong Hoon, Manager

This community service allows the user and the character (agent) to engage in a wide range of emotional and conversational communication on the PC desktop, instant messenger, website etc.
Product features
Conversation with agents (simultaneous conversations with a number of characters), natural language-based recognition of emotions, emotional expressions, and motion animations
Trade and train characters and purchase and wear items (capable of animations wearing items).
Character messenger, chatting and microsite services
Simultaneous conversations with characters on the PC desktop, instant messenger and persona