Dial-A-Recharge - Get Prepaid Mobile Topup By Just Dialing A Number

After the wildly popular SMS Recharge service, Mobikwik.com has come up with Dial-a-Recharge. This service allows anyone in India to recharge their prepaid mobile by just dialing a number!

After a successful rollout of SMS Recharge, Mobikwik.com has come up with yet another innovative offering: Dial-a-Recharge.

"SMS is very popular in India, but still a majority of elderly and rural population find it difficult to use, especially because it is in English." says Nikhil Narang, VP Operations at mobikwik.com.

Of the 600 million odd mobile subscribers in India, around 94% are prepaid, and out of those barely 50 million can handle English at spoken or written level. Less than 1% of computer keyboards sold in India have any regional language support. Same pattern is repeated for mobile phones, even smart-phones. These facts create a big deterrent in the adoption of internet-based electronic mobile top-ups. Recharge via SMS is a great step forward, but opening and composing an SMS is big challenge for late technology adopters. Moreover, SMS is only 99% reliable, and sometimes they can be delayed through the network, or even lost completely in the worst case.

This is where the new Dial-a-Recharge facility is really useful. It involves dialing only numbers, which everyone can do. The multi-language IVR (Interactive Voice Response) makes recharging a cakewalk for anyone with a mobile phone.

How does Dial-a-Recharge work?

1. Dial 022-30932093,

2. Enter 10 digit mobile number to recharge

3. Enter the amount in rupees to recharge.

Recharge is done before the call is ended.

This makes Dial-a-Recharge even faster than SMS Recharge. In the future, a local number will be added for every city in India to make call charges more affordable.

"Our experiments with SMS Recharge have given us unique insights into consumer behavior. We noticed how elderly people, who are typically late technology adopters, always type numbers on the mobile keypad, rather than typing name of the person to call. Dial-a-Recharge not only addresses these behavior patterns but also sets the foundation for voice-powered m-commerce ", says Bipin Preet Singh, CEO of Mobikwik.com

Mobikwik.com has managed to create a unique recharging service which serves each segment of Indian population, using whichever channel they are comfortable with: Web, SMS or Voice.