Deville Beverage Company Announces Launch of All-Natural Flavored Vodka Beverages

Premium Flavors of Deville Vodka + Soda Are Now Available From Coast to Coast Through

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Deville Beverage Company today announced the launch of its Vodka + Soda lines. These premium alcoholic beverage lines feature Pear, Red Berry, and Orange Vodka + Soda. These nuanced, sophisticated spirits can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

With roots in American farmlands, Deville Beverage Company put its understanding of flavor to work to create premium-quality beverages that are literally spilling over with the absolute freshest flavors. These alcoholic beverages contain just one gram of sugar, 90 calories, and only all-natural flavor. 

"With our line of clean low-calorie alcoholic beverages, we wanted to offer a premium experience for adults who crave quality," says Carrie Cordova-Visca, co-founder and CEO of Deville Beverage Company. "We drew inspiration for the flavors from our experience with wagons filled with ripe, luscious fruits being juiced into brewing barrels and brought our vision for flavorful beverages to life in these lines. With each sip, we hope to inspire people's taste buds with quality they can taste." 

Deville Beverage Company offers adults of legal drinking age a delicious way to enjoy premium spirits with a bite at 4.5% alcohol by volume (ABV). Available in 12oz. single-serve cans, these flavorful spirits are rolling out now from coast to coast — with expanded availability to be announced throughout 2022.

" allows consumers to purchase direct and enjoy a single delivery or subscription," Cordova-Visca said. "Ecommerce has exploded in recent years and our goal is to follow the consumer, by taking an agile, experimentative approach to expanding our brand's reach based on the evolving landscape."

About Deville Beverage Company 

Headquartered in Cypress, California, Deville Beverage Company makes premium beverages for modern life and sells them through and other authorized resellers. These premium alcoholic beverages transform social rituals with a commitment to quality that spills over into everything we do.

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About Deville Beverage Company

Deville Beverage Company makes premium alcoholic beverages that transform social rituals. Their commitment to quality spills over for pure enjoyment.

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