Devart Releases New dbForge Studio for MySQL With Phrase Completion

Devart updated dbForge Studio for MySQL with phrase completion, enhanced command-line interface and other new features.

Devart team announces the new release of dbForge Studio for MySQL v 6.3. The updated version comes with new features and improvements related to SQL code completion and formatting, data import and export, data comparison, data synchronization and reporting.

The list of new features includes:

* Phrase Completion. Code Completion suggests not only separate keywords and object names, but entire code phrases.

* Enhanced Command-Line Interface. With the updated command-line interface, a user can automate different routine tasks.

* Improved Data Export and Import. Data import and export functionalities were considerably reworked and boosted in accordance with the customers' feedback.

* More Options to Customize Data Comparison and Sync. An update comes with new options for customizing data comparison and synchronization up to the user's needs.

dbForge Studio for MySQL is the universal MySQL and MariaDB client for database management, administration and development. The GUI tool provides utilities to compare, synchronize, and backup MySQL databases with scheduling, and gives possibility to analyze and report MySQL tables data.

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