Devart Released dbForge Data Generator for SQL 3.0 With More Than 90 New Realistic Data Generators

Devart updated dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server. The new version includes more than 90 meaningful data generators and user-defined generators

Devart announced the release of dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server v3.0. The new version includes over 90 meaningful generators and the option to create user-defined generators.

New features:

* 90+ Meaningful Generators. New generators allow to populate tables with various meaningful real-word data, that looks just like real human-generated data. For instance, the tool can fill your tables with:

- IDs

- Post codes

- Phone numbers

- Countries

- Credit card numbers

- E-mails and much more

* User-Defined Generators. Now users can create, save, and use generators that would better meet their needs, instead of customizing existing generators over and over again.

dbForge Data Generator for SQL Server is a powerful GUI tool for a fast generation of large volumes of SQL Server test table data. The tool supports all column data types and allows to define tables and columns for data generation, set value ranges, customize parameters for each column data type, preview data before generation, edit and save data generation scripts for the future use.

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