Detroit-Based Tax Business Offers Brand New Service Just in Time for April 15

Founder of Tax Giant Offers Complimentary Guide for 2022 Tax Season

Tax Giant

Tax Giant, a Detroit-based tax preparation service, has recently launched an entirely new business model by taking all services online. Since going digital in 2021, the firm continues to embrace the transition permanently and has released additional products amid 2022's difficult tax season. 

Tax Giant's founders, Devin Gough and David Eubanks, made the decision to go digital after the pandemic first hit in 2020. Once Tax Giant Online was officially launched, the tax preparation firm continued to make personalized customer service its top priority. 

"We saw our competitors, such as TurboTax, offer tax assistance for free, but you're actually doing it yourself while utilizing their software. We saw an opportunity for us to provide our services online, but capitalize on our reputation where our tax professionals still assist you every step of the way," stated co-founder Gough. 

The tax preparation firm recently released additional products after the Internal Revenue Service warned taxpayers to expect a difficult tax season this year due to critical law changes made in 2021 and ongoing pandemic challenges. 

One of the latest products is Tax Giant Online's 99 Tax Tipsa complimentary, complete guide to get the most out of a refund this year. The firm additionally introduced its Referral Program where clients receive cash on the spot for each referral, as well as discounted client service fees. 

Tax Giant was launched in 2017 after Gough and EuBanks noticed a gap in the industry where many tax preparation services promoted cheap or free services but there was not a service that was affordable while providing personalized financial counseling. The firm's mission was to ensure no person feels at a disadvantage to receive a maximum tax refund regardless of income or socioeconomic status. 

In addition to federal and state tax preparation services, Tax Giant Online offers: Audit Assistance, Tax Extensions, Tax Planning, Prior Year Tax Returns, and Business Returns. 

Co-founder Devin Gough is available to speak with the media regarding the ways Tax Giant Online is adapting to this year's difficult tax season and other tax season-related topics. 


Tax Giant Online is an online tax preparation and planning firm specializing in fast and accurate preparation of individual and business tax returns. Based in Detroit, the firm was founded in 2017 by Devin Gough and David Eubanks. For more information, please visit

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