Detoxity Spa Celebrates Grand Opening at New Location in the Woodlands

Detoxity Spa has built a remarkable reputation within the Woodlands Community. Their approach towards building the health of their clients through colonics, lymphatic drainage massage, float therapy, and other holistic methods. With their move to a new larger location in the Woodlands, Detoxity is poised to continue to offer healing through holistic methods.

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The effects of different methods of massage and colonics on boosting wellness, health, and helping people live more vibrant lifestyles is well-known among people who take a more natural approach to feel their best. Detoxity Spa has been a top choice in the Woodlands for a wide range of these services, always doing their best to provide qualified and professional alternative therapies that can have a lasting positive impact on health. In exciting news, the spa has recently moved to a new location in The Woodlands, with the move also now providing access to a Certified Lymphedema therapist who offers Lymphatic Drainage Massage.

“We are very pleased to be moving into our new space, which we are positive will be something our clients will feel comfortable and relaxed in as we deliver the best service we possibly can,” Ninfa Barraza commented from Detoxity Spa. “Also, being able to have access to a team member with full certification in lymphatic drainage, adds a lot of value to our Lymphatic Massage services. 

Other popular services available from Detoxity Spa include highlights like the use of a Clearlight Sauna, Hydro Colonics , body sculpting, floatation therapy, and much more.

Potential clients are always welcome to call or stop by with any questions, or if they need suggestions for which service may most meet their needs. Easy booking options are online.

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