Announces the Top 10 Jobs That Have the Highest Risk for Substance Use Disorder

Top 10 Jobs with High Risk Substance Abuse

A recent study has found that more people may be addicted to drugs or alcohol at your workplace than you think. In fact, has found that 15 percent of Americans in the workforce admit to having used alcohol at work and a staggering 63.4 percent have misused prescription painkillers. We now know the fields that are most likely to lead to substance abuse.

In a recent study conducted by, the top jobs that are contributing or creating risk for substance abuse and addiction have been defined. It turns out, it’s more than just “construction workers” or “homeless people” that are addicted to drugs or alcohol. In fact, the study found that “despite the stereotype of the homeless addict, most individuals who misuse substances are actually employed.”

Despite the stereotype of the homeless addict, most individuals who misuse substances are actually employed.

So who are the addicts and where are they working? According to the study, which also defined the major concerns that come with having a workforce that’s addicted to drugs or alcohol (such as time off work, lower employee morale and a general impact on each company’s bottom line), while construction workers made the number 1 spot on the list of jobs with high rates of substance abuse, health care workers, lawyers, and business managers also made the list.

This is yet another painful reminder that we cannot overlook addiction and the impact that it’s having on the nation as a whole. But, is it the industry that creates the addict, or is it the addict that flocks to the industry? The study further defined certain risk factors for jobs that could lead to addiction. These include things like high-stress levels, burnout rate and long work hours.

Find out what workers made the top ten list, how addiction is impacting the workforce, and how you can recognize the signs that your coworker or employee may be addicted by reading the full case study, “Top 10 Jobs with High Risk for Substance Abuse Disorders.”

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