Determined Mother Asking Her Community for Help to Finish Paying for School One Dollar at a Time

Single mother of 3 asking others to only donate $1 each towards her college tuition.

On February 02, 2014, a 22 year-old Christina Jarvis began her college career at Full Sail University, pursuing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Marketing. Initially she paid for school using small grants, scholarships and Federal Student Loans; and later was unable to secure a private loan because she did not have a reliable co-signer. As the semesters progressed, school credit hours became more expensive; Eventually she would have to begin paying out of pocket to continue. 

Christina was forced to withdraw because of her expensive out of pocket school expenses; Ending the semester with a 3.1/4.0 GPA. On May 02, 2016, She is scheduled to, once again, begin classes at Full Sail University. Now a single mother of 3 children, she is unaware of how she will be paying for them but more determined than ever to graduate. She decided to take a leap of faith and re-enrolled anyway.  

Despite Christina's positive attitude, there is still concern about the enormous costs it will take to complete her degree. The tuition expenses are expected to exceed well over thirty thousand dollars.  That is why she is asking her community to come together to support her by donating $1 each to her college tuition fund on YouCaring and to pass her story and request on.   

Since the fundraiser ( started on April 10th, she has yet to raise any money.  To learn more about Christina’s amazing story, and how the community can help to support her while she completes her degree, please contact Christina Jarvis, herself, at 470-274-6003. 

Source: Christina Jarvis


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