Desygner Launches 'Workation' With Global Hackathon in Bali to Spark Innovation

Desygner - a fast-growing martech solution - is hosting a fully sponsored global hackathon in Bali to kickstart a series of company-sponsored "workations" in some of the most sought-after destinations across the world for digital nomads. First in the series, the hackathon is set to go live from 31 Oct. 2022 until 11 Nov. 2022 at Munno Villas resort in Canggu, Bali, and is open to the public, including digital nomads and outstanding students. Participants will receive free accommodation, food, and activities during the hackathon.

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Imagine a world where a company books an amazing destination for their employees and pays to experience life as a digital nomad in Bali. At Desygner - a fast-growing martech solution - this is a way of work-life - distinct from the usual company offsite. With its digital workforce of over 100+ employees spread across the world, Desygner seeks to set a new status quo for innovation and talent acquisition by organising a series of company-sponsored "workations" in the most sought destinations around the world for digital nomads. 

The Australian company today announced a 12-day global hackathon set to go live on the 31st of October 2022 until the 11th of November 2022 at Canggu in Bali, which is open for digital nomads and outstanding students in addition to the global Desygner Team, who are already heading towards their dream destination. 

The hackathon is all-inclusive of accommodation, meals and entertainment provided to all participants. The event is an opportunity for talented Developers, DevOps, QA professionals, marketers, designers and sales professionals to work with the Desygner team and get hired for open positions in Bali, London, and the company HQ in Gold Coast, Australia (sponsoring remote applicants).  

The main objective of the initiative is to benchmark Desygner as a brand that attracts the best talent around the world and to bring innovation to remote working, steering away from the traditional notion of work being physically tied to offices or company headquarters. The company, which is growing at a fast pace, believes that the right mix of work and play can spark innovation for creating "the awesome factor", which is a thriving culture at Desygner.  

Post-pandemic, as most organisations are experimenting with hybrid and remote working models, Desygner stands to lead by example in creating better work-life experiences to attract and retain talented staff to tackle global talent crisis as they grow. 

Spearheading the workation, CEO of Desygner, Alex Rich, who envisions exceptional work culture for his staff by creating unique working environments a couple of times a year in beautiful locations worldwide said, "Instead of just investing in traditional startup slacks and ping-pong tables in the office, we are going one step further and investing in places people want to work from, in dream locations".

"When you have a software company like Desygner with over 3 million lines of code and 30+ million users, you tend to focus on the bigger strategic projects, and smaller projects get missed. Therefore, the hackathon strategy pushes us to be more innovative than the larger companies to excel," he says. 

Speaking about the idea of a hackathon in Bali, Daniel de Byl, who is a QA Automation Developer at Desygner, said, "I love working at the office, but the workation in Bali is next level. I am super excited to be part of an event like this and work with colleagues from around the world face-to-face. It's an experience to treasure for a lifetime."

Interested participants can email their CV to  

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