Destiny Community Center Launches Special Needs Program

Destiny recently launched a new initiative, aimed at providing assistance to the over 25,000 disabled populous in Placer County.

In January of 2019, the Destiny Community Center launched a new Special Needs Initiative, aimed at supporting the disabled community and their families. The Destiny mantra "Love Our City" means every family, every individual, and every child. These kids inspire a very innocent, very special kind of love, a love that we should look to for inspiration.

Respite Events

Destiny hosted their first Respite Night on April 5th and serviced dozens of families with special needs children. Plans to host more respite events like Senior Balls, Sensory Events, and other engagement activities at the Destiny Community Center are underway.

​Family Support

In addition to providing events and activities for the families, Destiny will also be providing support to the entire family. Free classes, workshops, and resources will empower both family and community members as they engage with the special needs population.

There are 41,000,000 individuals, almost 15% of the U.S. population, that have some sort of disability, and we're not leaving them behind.

Community Outreach

The Destiny Community Center hosts numerous outreach events through the year, such as the Backpack Giveaway, where thousands of backpacks are given to students in need, packed with school supplies. Moreover, it's a day of games, prizes, and entertainment for their entire family. Destiny is continually working with the local school districts and government agencies to provide inclusion to these disabled individuals and families. 

Source: Destiny Community Services

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