Design on Tap Merges With Ceemless Innovation

Leading Marketing Agency Joins Forces With Tech Innovator

Ceemless Innovation

Tech innovator Ceemless Innovation and Design on Tap, a longtime staple marketing agency of the Indiana tech community, are joining forces. This merger brings together a CEO, serial entrepreneur, and technology coach, Tony Scelzo, with an inventive, design-thinking guru, Josh Mitchell, under the Ceemless Innovation umbrella.

"The idea of combining the best of both product development and go-to-market has been our mission for the last two years. This [merger] allows us to hit this Holy Grail of technology," Ceemless CEO Scelzo said. "Having the DOT team brings the capabilities we have needed to create greater value for our clients."

The company was founded to identify technology problems in the marketplace for mid-market businesses and find innovative solutions to transform them into new businesses. Ceemless offers numerous service lines, including UI/UX and design services, custom software development, and digital marketing, all directed toward mid-market services firms and growth technology companies.

"The driving value of the merger was the ability to have seamless value under one roof and the synergy of the joint teams. Having known Josh for over 10 years, I knew we could make this a reality," said Scelzo.

Mitchell had a similar sentiment, noting, "The name of the company was sparked by the core value of being a seamless partner of their client teams and being user-friendly. Both Tony and I strive to keep the promise of technology - to make our lives and world better."

The goal of Ceemless Innovation is to partner with its clients to launch new products with its agile innovation process and problem-solving while also attracting outside investors. Ceemless Innovation's first spin-off has been an IoT food safety play, Fastek, LLC, and more are set to launch in the spring.

Both Scelzo and Mitchell are excited at the possibilities and pouring all their efforts into the integration, all while balancing the needs of their combined client base. During the integration, the company will maintain offices in Carmel and virtual workforces.

"It seems every day there is something else to do, but we have definitely increased the quality of our problems," joked Scelzo.


Tony Scelzo

Ceemless Innovation
3105 East 98th St., Ste 120
Indianapolis, IN 46280

About Ceemless Innovation

Ceemless Innovation is a multi-dimensional firm with over 50 years combined experience leading tech innovation and implementation. Since its founding, Ceemless Innovation has been serving businesses with services like technology identification, DevOps/managed solutions, and business consulting.

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