Design Firm Joshua Steinberg Launches Trio of Luxury Wine Glasses

This week the luxury home-goods design firm announced the debut of their Crystal Sommelier line of wine glasses. The new line includes three different styles of glasses: one for Champagne, one for reds and wine for whites. Each style of glass provides wine enthusiasts with a transcendent drinking experiences

Joshua Steinberg is at it again.

The firm’s Champagne flutes are the perfect complement for the new year, adding a level of sophistication and refinement to your upcoming gathering. The glasses feature an ultra-thin lip for a delicate drinking experience, while the rough bead at the base of the glass creates a steady stream of bubbles. As these bubbles rise up and break the surface, all the beautiful characteristics of the vintage emerge.

The flutes are best used at parties and social gatherings, but can be enjoyed in the calm of the evening when comfortable elegance is needed.

If red wine is your fancy, the pair Crystal Sommelier red wine glasses launched this week are your perfect match.

In classic red wine style, the glasses feature a formidable bowl. Give this glass a vigorous swirl by its stem and there’s more than enough space in the bowl to allow your favorite cabernet sauvignons and malbecs to breathe transform and emerge as the complex sippers you‘ve grown to love.

Like the Champagne flutes, these glasses feature an ultra-thin lip that allows your tongue to experience the full measure of your sparkling wine’s character.

Whether it’s the blueberry notes of a well-rounded merlot or the wild, jammy spices of an Australian shiraz, this glass highlights their strong points and elevates your wine drinking experience.

Yet not every wine drinker is drawn to big cabs and mellow merlots. White wines are a perennial favorite among wine drinkers around the world, and Joshua Steinberg is hoping to add a facet of luxury to their experience with the company’s Crystal Sommelier White Wine Glass pair.

These glasses feature the classic bowl design for white wines – smaller than their red counterparts and with a slightly more angular bowl. The time-tested design allows the often floral bouquet of whites to blossom as it swirls and mingles near the ultra-thin lip.

The glasses evoke thoughts of a warm summer evening on the back porch with friends, where sauvignon blancs from New Zealand and beloved gewürztraminers for Germany cool calmly in their crystal vessels.

According to the company’s product descriptions for all three sets, the company’s Master Gaffer hand-shapes the stems of each glass and blows all the bowls himself. Each glass is exposed to temperatures of up to 1004 degrees Fahrenheit to strengthen them and increase their durability.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail is evident in the finished products, with their seemingly transparent, lead-free crystal communicating a near ethereal presence.

Each set of glasses are housed in a subdued, yet stunning Joshua Steinberg box. The grey and white container radiates the same class and style evident in the design of the glasses.

The Crystal Sommelier series of glasses are available for purchase at The Champagne flutes are currently selling for $372. The set of two red wine glasses are for sale at $279, while the firm’s white wine glasses can be bought for $254.

The Crystal Sommelier line is the company’s first foray into stemware. Up to this point, the company’s home line has focused on tables and lamps. According to the company’s site, each piece they create is crafted with both the past and the present in mind. Traditional design concepts are merged with contemporary style to create chic, luxury-level pieces.




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