DeSAT Offers Top-Notch Training Program

Handling Workplace Violence and Active Shooter Scenarios.

​​​​Delta Situational Awareness Training, popularly known as DeSAT, has introduced training programs on effectively handling Workplace Violence, Violent Intruder and Active Shooter scenarios. Over the last few years, these active shooter events are known to have increased to a great extent affecting a vast number of people. DeSAT's programs are designed to offer corporate, school, government, and healthcare sectors training in situational awareness.

Many people are unsure as to how they should react when such sudden and potentially dangerous situations arise. A recent study has revealed that Active Shooter events have almost tripled over the last seven years, and there were over 23,000 significant events of workplace violence in the U.S. in the year 2015. This is when Christopher Pessinis and his team decided to initiate a top-notch training program. DeSAT lends a helping hand by preparing individuals to effectively manage the situation and increase the odds of survival with immediate steps in case of a violent intruder or active shooter scenario. It teaches employees and management important techniques and strategies when such a crisis arises.

Christopher Pessinis, CEO of DeSAT, said, “After the multiple active shooter events that unfolded in the U.S. in 2015, we collectively decided we wanted to make a difference.  We went out and formed a company to make a marked difference for those who wish to prepare in the event of one of these situations unfolding.  Sure, it’s a sensitive subject that no one wants to talk about, but the ‘It can’t happen here’ mentality is no longer acceptable.”

DeSAT utilizes the most current, best-practices created by Homeland Security and the F.B.I. The company staff has been formally trained in these best-practices for survival by Homeland Security and FEMA. Their employees also actively participate in such groups as Security and Counter-Terrorism Think Tank, Infragard, and Homeland Security Intelligence. The best part about this unique situational awareness training program is the fact that it offers on-site learning and does not require the trainees to travel to a particular location to learn these vital strategies.

The training program is designed in such a way that it covers all major aspects of security training and provides the concerned individual with the ability to make the right survival decision within a limited timeframe.

Katherine O’Brien, a NH State Representative who underwent the training, said, “We can’t prepare for every possible situation that may occur but if we can prepare for the kind of attacks that are on the rise all over our country, it’s smart to do so. The DeSAT course went over techniques and actions I can take right now using resources I already have.”

With the right kind of training program, DeSAT is set to make the world a better place by protecting individuals from situational dangers.


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We provide an on-site comprehensive training program to educate employees, students and healthcare workers how to respond to a violent intruder or active shooter.

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