Deputy Surpasses 300 Million Shifts Scheduled on the Platform Worldwide, Reports Hiring Spikes in US Hospitality and Leisure Industries

Deputy's agile scheduling software provides compliance, stability and consistency to businesses looking to meet the health and safety demands of today's workers.

Vaccination progress across the U.S. has initiated a sweeping wave of consumer optimism and confidence, causing key sectors that were previously devastated by the pandemic to experience high demands for labor (The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Deputy, the leading scheduling software company helping over 260,000 workplaces worldwide manage their workforce, has seen a record number of hires made this April by existing customers: globally, over 25,495 additional users were added, with 17,881 being U.S.-based. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported employment in leisure and hospitality increased by 331,000 in April. Over half of the increase was in industries including food services, drinking places, amusements, gambling, recreation and accommodation. 

Mirroring this upward trend, Deputy saw the following directions in scheduling and hours worked in the U.S. for April and May: 

  • 375,403 shifts published in hospitality industries in April; 391,140 shifts published in hospitality industries in May. 
  • 126,796 shifts published in leisure industries in April; 138,746 shifts published in leisure industries in May.
  • 96% increase in the number of shifts scheduled in hospitality industries and 97% increase in the leisure industries from March to April.
  • 96% increase in the number of shifts worked in hospitality industries and 97% increase in the leisure industries from March to April.

This data comes at a monumental time for the U.S. workforce and economic recovery. Shift workers nationwide are challenging work environments and experience standards, advocating for fair scheduling practices, compensation and safe working conditions - the latter of which has become exponentially more critical due to Covid-19. As a result, workers are more selective of the industries they work in and the businesses they work for. 

"As economists continue to understand the long-term effects of Covid-19 on the U.S. market, a new labor movement has gained momentum," said Dave Zinman, Global President of Deputy. "Today's workers have made it clear that they want fairer scheduling, higher wages and safer work environments - fair requests after what has been a tumultuous year. Positioned squarely between owner and worker, Deputy's suite of dynamic features will help create healthier work environments for all. Our platform solves for organizational challenges and accelerates scalability - empowering workers to have more involvement in their schedule creation, while simultaneously giving back valuable time to owners so they can focus on customers and growing their business."   

Deputy has drastically scaled in the last year, adding 69 employees to the company since the start of 2021. This group of new employees includes three senior vice president hires: Nicole Brambila (SVP of Global Sales), Vach Hovsepyan (SVP of Global Customer Success) and Brett Chester (SVP of Global Marketing), who bring combined decades of SaaS hyper-growth experience to the company. They join the newly appointed VP of Engineering, Rajini Carpenter and VP of Legal, Frank Chila.

"Hourly workers in the U.S. are at the forefront of what could be the most dramatic changes in labor since the GI Bill, creating a huge opportunity for business owners to reimagine and rebuild their labor strategies and workplace environments," said Krista Hardwick, Director of Legal at Deputy. "Compliance is going to play a massive role in the ever-changing labor landscape. That's why we doubled down on building out our product's scheduling and pay tools - first in Australia, and now in the U.S. - to offer businesses tools and strategies to seamlessly navigate new local and national labor policies."

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Deputy is on a mission to simplify shift work for millions of workers and businesses worldwide. The company streamlines scheduling, timesheets, tasks and communication for business owners and their workers. More than 260,000 workplaces globally are using Deputy to manage scheduling and effectively communicate with employees, providing millions of shift workers with more flexibility and control over their schedules. Deputy's software also navigates workforce legislation calculating correct wages, entitlements and penalties - keeping businesses compliant and employees protected. For more information, visit, or find us on Twitter, Facebook, the App Store or Google Play.

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About Deputy

Deputy is on a mission to improve the world of hourly work for businesses and workers alike. Deputy's leading software solution streamlines communication, scheduling, tasks, and timesheets for millions of workers and businesses worldwide. More than 330,000 workplaces and 1.3 million shift workers use Deputy daily in over 100 countries. At the forefront of empowering businesses, Deputy’s platform equips them with the tools and insights they need to streamline compliance, build thriving workplaces, and stay focused on what matters most - their employees.

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