Depression and Anxiety Counselor in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida Opens Door to a Wider Community Deserving of Mental Health Services

Approximately 16 million Americans experience symptoms of depression and only 35% of those affected individuals seek out counseling for depression and anxiety.

Tyla Mental Health helps people turn their lives around.

​When suffering from a mental illness, the daunting task of cycling through various depression and anxiety counselors is enough to make many people give up on seeking the best therapist. If you or someone you love suffers from depression or anxiety and feels lost as to how to receive help, Debi Douglas founded the TYLA Mental Health locations in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FL to meet your needs.

Approximately 16 million Americans experience symptoms of depression, and only 35% of those affected individuals, seek out counseling for depression and anxiety.

The journey begins in your mind.

Debi Douglas, LMHC, BC-TMH, EMDR, MCAP, MA

One serious problem with leaving mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety untreated is leaving one’s self-open to developing a more severe variation of mental illnesses. From bipolar disorder or severe levels of addiction to panic disorders, learning the tools and techniques for maintaining a healthy quality of life are better learned as soon as possible to maintain mental stability during a more resilient period of time.

Debi Douglas is dedicated to helping her clients in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FL achieves a more satisfying, quality lifestyle with her extensive experience in assisting people with varying levels of depression and anxiety.

The dedication of the TYLA Mental Health Locations in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FL extends to members of the Spanish-speaking community in need of counseling for depression and anxiety.

When there is a language barrier, it can be even more discouraging to attempt to find a depression and anxiety counselor who can effectively discuss the details of symptoms and past experiences. It is critical to find a trained professional who is fluent in the language in which personal matters are most easily expressed to achieve relief.

Debi provides sessions in both English and Spanish as part of their inclusive approach in serving the community.

Avoid building the barrier of receiving counseling for depression and anxiety out of wondering “What does a depression counselor do?”

A qualified depression and anxiety counselor will guide you through the elements of mental health and what the potential causes are for the condition. Through thoughtful talk therapy in depression and anxiety counseling and other therapeutic interventions, one gains a deeper understanding of mental health in a similar way a physical therapist guides one through understanding how and why the body responds to certain activities in particular ways. Through discussions about past experiences, exacerbating beliefs about the past are excavated to help one overcome fears and insecurities. One also learns mechanisms for coping with stress or other triggers of depression and anxiety.

Among the greatest benefits of receiving quality counseling for depression and anxiety from Debi Douglas at locations in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, FL is learning how to separate who you are from your mental illness. So many people see themselves as “less-than” when experiencing the throes of depression and anxiety; however, there is freedom with truly understanding you are not your depression, you are not your worry.

Debi as your therapist, is your answer if you live in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, FL and found yourself asking “Is there a depression counselor near me?”

Those who do not know where to go to find a quality therapist for depression and anxiety can review the services and request an appointment with a depression counselor online at

Two convenient locations at 1449 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, Florida 33458 or 3307 Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33403. Feel free to call (561) 475-2646 or e-mail directly at to reclaim your quality of life and receive the mental health care you deserve.

Source: TYLA Mental Health

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