Denver Business Journal Names DevelopIntelligence Best Places to Work Finalist

The company's strong vision and commitment to its core values drives employee engagement and client success.

The Denver Business Journal has named DevelopIntelligence, an enterprise-focused technical learning solutions company, as a finalist for its annual Best Places to Work list, driven by a culture of innovation, leadership and a focus on the success of its clients.  

“This is great recognition for our team and the culture we’ve all worked together to create,” said Kelby Zordrager, CEO and Founder of DevelopIntelligence. “Our team excels at working closely with each other and our clients. Our company’s growth is a testament to the quality of our staff.”

At the heart of DevelopIntelligence’s culture are the core values; the foundational tenets that guide how the team treats each other and its clients. “We strive to live our core values every day, and we recognize individuals for demonstrating those values as often as possible,” said Zorgdrager. The company’s core values have created a culture of autonomy, ownership and accountability that has attracted high-performing individuals that thrive in a fast-growth environment. These values have also given employees the tools they need to react to their clients' shifting priorities. 

“Teams are working together in new, innovative ways and finding alternative approaches to connecting with each other and their clients,” said Zorgdrager. “The company challenged its team to find new ways to deliver the same high-quality learning experiences it’s known for, and they’ve exceeded expectations.”  Employees have responded by voicing their appreciation and support for the thriving company culture.

Leveraging a strong recruitment, retention, and talent management strategy has helped the company take advantage of the growth opportunities that often come from periods of intense market and business disruption. In addition to hiring positions that contribute to strategic growth, the company continues to enhance its instructor base, allowing it to quickly and efficiently match some of the best technologists in the industry to the technology needs of the world’s biggest brands, during one of the most unprecedented times in American business history. 

While the company has received numerous industry and business awards, it is the company’s first time appearing on the prestigious Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list. “We’re honored to be recognized in such an amazing publication,” said Zorgdrager.


DevelopIntelligence (DI) is the leader in enterprise-level technical learning programs, serving Fortune-5000 clients with both domestic and global learning initiatives. With a focus on providing technical onboarding, upskilling and reskilling programs for technical and software developers,  DI partners with its clients to support the successful execution of their technical initiatives that incorporate scalable and repeatable success.  

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