Dentist Dr. Alla Dorfman of All Smiles Dental Warns Patients About the Risks Associated With Direct-to-Consumer Orthodontics or 'Teledentistry' Such as At-Home Teeth Aligners

'Direct-to-consumer orthodontic services, which ship teeth alignment trays to the consumer, forego in-office assessments and professional supervision, place consumers in danger.' - Dr. Alla Dorfman

When Invisalign introduced its clear teeth aligners to the market, it revolutionized the orthodontics industry. When Invisalign lost exclusivity rights on more than 40 patents in 2017, numerous competitors, popped up to grab a share of the growing consumer demand for a more aesthetic and convenient alternative to traditional metal braces. Unfortunately, many of the new competitors promote DIY dentistry with direct-to-consumer teeth aligners. Direct-to-consumer companies save consumers money by cutting out the professional evaluations and in-office assessments required with Invisalign treatments. “Direct-to-consumer teeth aligners can only correct simple cases of simple misalignment. And herein lies a major risk of at-home dentistry. Most cases require more than simply moving the visible few front teeth,” claims Dr. Alla Dorfman, a cosmetic dentist in NYC. Effective orthodontic treatment considers your jaw alignment, your bite, and your facial structure. Therefore, in-office evaluation and professional supervision are critical. “If teeth alignment is done improperly, there is a significant risk of expensive and irreversible damage such as gum or tooth loss, cracked teeth, changed bites, and other problems,” Dr. Dorfman warns.

Numerous professionals and associations have spoken out about the dangers of direct-to-consumer teeth aligners. Regarding what The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) calls “over-the-internet” orthodontics, the association filed a complaint with more than 35 states dental boards, saying “Orthodontic treatment is a professional service and a complex medical process, not a product or device ... A patient moving their own teeth with over-the-internet orthodontic devices puts unacceptable risk on the patient and can cause dental issues.”1 The American Dental Association (ADA) echoed this concern, filing a complaint with the FTC against a major teledentistry company selling direct-to-consumer teeth alignment trays “out of concern for patient safety.” The ADA cautioned “moving teeth without knowing all aspects of a patient’s oral condition has the potential to cause the patient harm.”2

“DIY dentistry can be disastrous. At the very least, you could lose your money. At the worst, you could injure yourself and cause permanent harm,” counsels Dr. Dorfman. Direct-to-consumer teeth alignment trays may seem appealing because they are less expensive than Invisalign. But the “professional assessments, including x-rays, and continual supervision from a trained professional is necessary to obtaining a beautiful smile,” she concludes.

As a top provider of Invisalign in New York City, Dr. Dorfman can help individuals discover if Invisalign is right for them. Anyone interested in learning more is invited to schedule an appointment at one of Dr. Dorfman’s three locations. Schedule by dropping in, visiting her website, or calling (347)-571-9204.

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