Denteractive Teledentistry Platform Connects Dentists and Patients Safely During Crisis

Telemedicine App Provides Access to Dentists from Almost Anywhere

​​Denteractive Solutions Inc., the largest provider of online Teledentistry in the country, has announced that it is rapidly expanding its services in the U.S. to allow more dental professionals and dental consumers to be connected and engaged in real-time. This is as timely as ever with the spread of COVID-19, as it can keep patients and dentists safe, and at less risk of exposure, while maximizing resources and remote continuity of care.

Aside from having the option to connect with their existing dentists in real-time, Denteractive now allows consumers to also use this unique Telehealth service to securely communicate with live online dentists 24/7, even if they don’t have a regular dental provider. This service provides patients in need of care to get it instantly at the comfort and safety of their homes. Aside from Live virtual sessions through texting or video, pertinent files such as pictures, X-Rays and others, can be shared and stored on the app. Patients do not need to have insurance to use Denteractive, as they can find dentists on the app who will help. 

In addition, dental professionals can use the service as an extension of their practice to conserve resources and keep their existing patients engaged at all times. “Now with Teledentistry, Dentists can navigate and take care of their low-intensity follow-ups, initial consultations, second opinions and emergency triage care. This technology is offering not only safety for dentists and the public in this crisis but an opportunity to improve dental care for the masses,” says Adrien Abbasi, company CTO and Co-Founder. Denteractive access for dental professionals is a no-risk subscription service that has been growing rapidly amongst practices all across the nation. The company now offers free Teledentistry access and even compensates some dentists who choose to be fully engaged with the 24/7 on-demand consumer service.

“While we wish it were under different circumstances, we’re proud to be able to offer Denteractive to people in these difficult times when they need it most. It has the biggest, furthest reach of any teledentistry platform available now in the country. You can be practically anywhere and talk to a dental professional, or provide care for your patients of record as a dentist. To make it even better, we’re leveraging our extensive reach in the dental community to bring in large insurance providers to mobilize Teledentistry on a mass scale,” said Dr. Reza Izadi, the Founder and CEO of Denteractive.

The consumer Denteractive online dentistry app is currently available on the web, or on any mobile browser, and on the Apple App Store. If you are a dental provider and would like to join, please visit

For more information about Denteractive, Teledentistry, or Online dental care or to make a press inquiry, visit or contact (888) 574-7754 or For investor relations, please contact

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