Denise Sampson's New Book 'The Great Gray Day' is a Sweet Story of Friendship Between 2 People Who Seem Different From the Outside but Are So Similar on the Inside

Fulton Books author, Denise Sampson, is a Psychology graduate from College of New Rochelle, a preschool teacher who has a master's in early childhood education and has been a volunteer Girl Scout Leader for over thirty years. She has completed her most recent book "The Great Gray Day": a fun and informative picture book that recognizes and celebrates diversity within friendship. The story starts off with the birth of Wendy and Kerry, who years later have established a genuine bond due to their common love for the color gray. Their friendship grew deeper as they continuously discovered that despite their differences, they both still have common interests that connect them with each other.

Sampson shares, "The Great Gray Day is a celebration of the innocence of children and the power of friendship, which can survive despite differences. When you combine the colors black and white, you get a beautiful shade of gray. The two girls in the story show readers how beautiful a friendship can be between two people, who, despite outward differences, can share a common interest, common goal, and ultimately build a lifelong bond."

Published by Fulton Books, Denise Sampson's book is a heartwarming piece that promotes relationship skills, creativity, and acceptance. It is a great book to use as a conversation starter for important social issues that children can easily comprehend.

Readers who wish to experience this charming work can purchase "The Great Gray Day" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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