Dempsey International Packaging Named 2023 Inaugural Sponsor for Packaging Distributors & Manufacturers (PDM)

Dempsey International Packaging takes the lead with Packaging Distributors & Manufacturers (PDM) by stepping forward as PDM's Inaugural Sponsor to help advance the packaging industry.

Dempsey International Packaging Sponsorship Announcement

The packaging industry has much to discuss as it aims to proactively solve important issues facing their owners, executives, and customers. In a volatile business climate, true value-added partnerships are increasingly rare and more important than ever. 

PDM is a nonprofit organization with over 30 years of history focused on bringing packaging industry distributors and manufacturers together through exclusive membership and meaningful collaboration. Dempsey International Packaging continues to emerge as a leading packaging brand focusing on supply chain development, delivering superior service, and innovating through a technological approach to market needs.

Through this sponsorship, Dempsey International Packaging and PDM will support the continued dialogue between manufacturers and distributors regarding brand positioning, innovation through technology, sustainability, digital supply chain solutions, and long-term institutional effectiveness.

"Stepping up and supporting such a vital organization as its Inaugural Sponsor is a privilege," says Nate Calvert, VP of Marketing for Dempsey International and its affiliated brands. "PDM is a true value-added partner, building community and creating growth opportunities for its member companies. We're excited to strengthen our commitment to support the importance of PDM in the packaging industry and we encourage other distributors and manufacturers to join this progressive organization."

PDM is especially important as consolidation of distribution and manufacturing continues to increase at a record pace. Both distributors and manufacturers need the collective support that PDM brings to keep building their brands and keep a sustainable supply chain for their mutual customers. Dempsey International Packaging will also highlight its growing and important sub-brands through this partnership, which are also focused on packaging: Raptor Packaging, a digital supply chain e-commerce marketplace for manufacturers and distributors, and KC Media, an award-winning branding & marketing group assisting manufacturers and distributors with their marketing needs.

"The need is great for an organization like PDM to be the leader of change, bringing key brands in the packaging industry together as the industry is transformed yet again through continued consolidation and the inevitable emergence of e-commerce as the digital supply chain," says George W. Dempsey, Founder and CEO of Dempsey International.

Packaging manufacturers and distributors can learn more and apply to join PDM via their website:

Source: Dempsey International Packaging

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