Delta Five Delivers IoT Solutions Enabling Hoteliers to Monitor for Bed Bugs

This New Smart Technology Proactively Monitors Hotel Rooms Just in Time for Bed Bug Awareness Week and the Summer Travel Season

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Bed Bug Awareness Week takes place June 3-9 and is a national awareness campaign from the Professional Pest Management Alliance. It’s no secret that bed bugs are still very much a problem with bed bug encounters becoming more frequent each year. Hoteliers and pest professionals no longer need to feel vulnerable to the threat of bed bugs that may be introduced at any time and easily overlooked until an infestation establishes.

Delta Five is innovating the hospitality industry with their automated pest monitoring technology that provides peace of mind to hoteliers. Using IoT solutions the Delta Five system is able to monitor a room 24/7 for pests including bed bugs and is more than 90% effective. Delta Five can assist hoteliers in avoiding guest/pest encounters with a green, eco-friendly approach.

Delta Five’s discreet and compact pest monitoring system is drawing incredible interest across the globe. “We are transforming both the hospitality and pest management industries with our digital pest monitoring technology. Our IoT sensors and traps put control back in the hands of hoteliers and pest professionals to facilitate early detection of bed bugs and avoid the guest/pest encounter that everyone dreads,” said Jason Janét, Ph.D., CEO, Delta Five, LLC, “We are so confident in our system that we offer a 100% Bed Bug Free Guarantee. So, if your guests encounter bed bugs in a Delta Five System's protected property, we’ll provide a credit for a single night guest stay.”

The Delta Five unit is just three inches tall and sits discreetly between the headboard wall and bed. The powerful system uses an imperceptible lure to attract pests and the device immediately alerts you in real-time via email or text. The alert provides an image of the pest, as well as where and when it was detected. With the busy summer travel season around the corner, hoteliers are invited to learn more about Delta Five’s Automated Insect Detection System at

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Delta Five is innovating hospitality as well as property-and pest management with automated technology that enhances guest and resident satisfaction while boosting business profits and reputation.

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