Delete Files, Folders and Browsing History Securely on Windows - ASCOMP Releases Version 5.2 of Secure Eraser

ASCOMP Secure Eraser

​Files, folders, entire drives, or browsing tracks — every computer has countless sensitive data that should remain confidential. Secure Eraser from ASCOMP safely and permanently deletes sensitive files and entire hard drives, so that even with special software they cannot be recovered. In the new version 5.2, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge leftovers are also safely deleted and the hard drive is cleaned up for browser histories, recent downloads, cookies, and temporary files (cache).

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have not been supported by Secure Eraser. "Especially with the extension for Google Chrome, we can now offer a large group of users additional security", explains Andreas Ströbel, Managing Director of ASCOMP Software GmbH and specialized in the safe handling of data.

The new version also improves support for Firefox, which now supports all newer versions of the second most popular Internet browser. The user interface, which has been fundamentally renewed with version 5.0 to facilitate user guidance, has also been further optimized.

Secure data erasure and destruction for Windows

"What is deleted on a computer's hard drive is far from gone." As long as deleted data is not overwritten, an outsider can make it visible again at any time.

Secure Eraser securely overwrites memory freed by deletion, so that no file content remains on the hard drive. The multi-award-winning secure data destruction solution also removes cross-references that could allow conclusions about the past existence of the deleted files in the mapping tables of a hard drive.

The sensitive data is overwritten with random values. In addition, Secure Eraser offers the US DoD 5220.22-M E and US DoD 5220.22-M ECE standards of the US Department of Defense, the German Industry Standard and the Peter Gutmann Standard for selection. All deletions are logged in detail on request.

Software for data backup, data synchronization and PDF tools complete ASCOMP's offering.

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Source: ASCOMP