Defense Soap to Promote Natural Skin Care Products with All American Wrestling Supply

DEFENSE SOAP LLC and ALL AMERICAN WRESTLING SUPPLY- the official merchandiser for USA WRESTLING - Team Up to Promote Natural Soap Products that Prevent Skin Infections Among Amateur Wrestlers

DEFENSE SOAP and USA WRESTLING's official merchandiser ALL AMERICAN WRESTLING SUPPLY are proud to announce a new distribution agreement aimed at promoting the benefits of natural skin care products to mitigate the effects of various skin infections like MRSA, Ringworm, Impetigo and Herpes to the more than 40,000 plus amateur wrestlers in their organization.

"We are very excited to be working with Wrestling's official merchandiser on such an important initiative as the reduction of skin infections among wrestlers," said Guy Saco, President and owner of Defense Soap LLC. "In the ever-advancing arena of preventing skin infections, research and clinical studies has shown that disrupting the skin's natural immunities through the use of chemical like alcohol or triclosan doesn't do the job. High-grade blends of natural essential oils with proven antibacterial, antifungal and anti viral properties have been shown to be much more effective. This distribution agreement offers a wonderful opportunity to help wrestlers maintain the kind of good health that can allow them to train and compete more safely."

Qualifying research, clinical studies, and important facts about preventing bacterial, viral and fungal infections through the use of essential oils can be found on Defense Soap supports the research priorities identified by the CDC and continually contributes to the skin infection knowledge base.

"As USA Wrestling's official merchandiser we're proud to be an advocate for advanced skin hygiene through education and beneficial skin care products," says, Jeff Bunge, Operations Manager, and All American Wrestling. "The purpose of this joint venture with the DEFENSE SOAP is to encourage the advancement of preventing skin infections by offering our athletes greater choice and information about the products they use. This is just one example of how the wrestling community is acknowledging that the health of the athlete is paramount to their future -and the next generation of amateur wresters."

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