DeerTV Launches the Latest Outdoor Waterproof TV Cabinet

DeerTV has launched affordable and high-quality outdoor TV Cabinets into the market. These outdoor TV cabinets are attractive in looks and 70% cheaper than most competitors. It keeps the TV safe and protected while giving a theater-like feel when watching movies or shows outdoors.

DeerTV Outdoor TV Cabinets

DeerTV is a renowned protection enclosure company that came into existence in 2010. It is a subsidiary of Kinytech Manufacturer. The company has launched affordable and high-quality outdoor TV Cabinets in the European and the U.S. markets that are attractive in looks and cheaper than most competitors. It keeps the TV safe and protected while giving a theater-like feel when watching movies or shows outdoors. With advancements in technology, subpar audio quality, grainy picture, or interruptions while viewing are no longer challenges when watching TV outdoors. So, DeerTV brought a perfect product that allows customers to watch their favorite shows outdoors. Here are a few features and specifications that make the product the best in the industry.

Premium Quality

The outdoor TV Cabinet from DeerTV is known for its incredible quality. It is made up of lightweight steel and aluminum unlike ABS plastic used by others. The use of steel and triple-powder-coated aluminum enhances its quality, durability, and ensures the best security of the device. The use of these materials has also extended its lifespan to 3-5 times more than erstwhile plastic TV cabinets. It also keeps the device safe against inclement weather and uncontrolled sun exposure.

Excellent Compatibility

The outdoor TV cabinet by DeerTV enjoys excellent compatibility with 55-inch TV and display. Its durable and robust design makes it a perfect fit for lovely outdoor spaces. Moreover, it is very light in weight, with just 26.4 lbs, making it easier to move. The cabinet is safe and protected against dust, moisture, and water damage. For the latter, DeerTV relies on ExactSeal Technology. Its quick install system makes it hassle-free and quick to install. The cabinet comes with a comprehensive guide to installing the TV Cabinet and can be assembled in one hour's time.

High-end Mounting Technology

The outdoor TV Cabinet comes with universal mounting technology. This technology makes it possible to work with any standard VESA mount. It is easy to adjust its height and depth with its fully articulating and full-motion mount. Mount the cabinet as per precise requirements based on space availability and enjoy an amazing viewing experience.

Invest in High-Quality Cabinet

It is imperative to invest in a high-quality outdoor TV cabinet that keeps the expensive device safe and protected, while at the same time providing the pleasure of watching favorite shows outdoors. Having an expensive outdoor TV with an equally superior quality TV cabinet is no longer a luxury that cannot be afforded.

Source: DeerTV

About DeerTV

DeerTV protection enclosure company was established in 2010 which is the Kinytech Manufacturer's subsidiary with the aim to develop and market specialty consumer indoor and outdoor TV & Projector enclosure for the USA and European markets.

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