Deep Sentinel Launches Partner Program for Security Integrators, IT Managed Service Providers and AV Dealers

Deep Sentinel, the only AI-powered security provider with surveillance by live guards, today unveiled a Partner Program to support Security Integrators, Managed Service Providers and AV dealers. Deep Sentinel’s weatherproof cameras use AI to detect potential threats, alerting the company’s LiveSentinel™ guards to any unusual activity. Guards can then intervene through the system’s two-way audio and 104dB siren, with the ability to contact local law enforcement within seconds, if necessary. The service is utilized in both residential and business settings to prevent break-ins, package theft, vandalism, and more.

“Unlike other service providers, Deep Sentinel helps prevent crime through smart detection and live human intervention—our goal is to actively stop a crime from ever occurring, rather than simply alerting the customer after the damage is done,” said Deep Sentinel CEO and co-founder David Selinger. “It’s like having a trained guard at every access point on your property, but at a fraction of the cost.”

Unlike traditional camera systems, selling the Deep Sentinel service provides an opportunity for partners to build up a highly profitable, monthly recurring revenue stream from their customers.

"I love Deep Sentinel and their service. My clients don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to call the police - Deep Sentinel will call for them if they detect a potential threat,” said Charles Tran, owner of Live Mobile Technology in Houston, Texas.  “Best of all, it stops and prevents crime before it happens."

Deep Sentinel’s Partner Program provides resources and support for partners who want to bring the latest in security technology to their customers. For more information on the Partner Program, visit

About Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel is the market’s most innovative security system, combining artificial intelligence with human monitoring to prevent crimes before they even happen. The company’s wireless cameras use AI to automatically alert a trained LiveSentinel™ guard to potential threats, and the system’s built-in siren and two-way speakers allow the guard to intervene in suspicious situations. If necessary, guards will contact local law enforcement within seconds with a verified threat report, allowing for a faster response time than other security services. Unlike other systems, Deep Sentinel doesn’t just passively deter criminals or capture evidence for after-the-fact - it helps prevent crimes before they ever happen. For more information, visit

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