Decipher Cui Xu: A Braveheart and a Free Spirit in Fashion

Zhuorui Fu's interview with the designer behind fashion accessories label 'Cui Xu'.

Cui Xu

The following interview with runway accessories designer Cui Xu was written and conducted by Zhuorui Fu.

Zhu: Why did you choose to start from New York?  

Cui Xu: When I was studying in Italy, I had a roommate, who is a very friendly guy. But when I asked him, where are you from? He raised his head, filled with pride, and he said, "I am a New Yorker". That impression stuck in my head for a long time. I was wondering, what is this place that made my friend so full of confidence? I pigeonholed this question for a while. After working in Shanghai for two years, I wanted my own brand. I saw a documentary that interviewed people on the street in New York. One scene swung to an old man in a café. The staff asked him what he thought of New York. He said, "in New York, you can pick up opportunities on the street". Even as he sat in a café for 45 minutes, someone could walk up to him and present him with an opportunity. I am a big believer in luck and opportunities. That is why I am here. 

Zhu: Who is your ideal customer? 

Cui Xu: It does not matter if the customer is a girl, a boy, young or old. I hope they're a devil-may-care person, who breaks through the social customs and constraints. He or she can find beauty in ordinary things. I used to love this video game called "Minecraft", where my friend and I collected items and built houses. My friend loved building big houses, but I just drove a little boat in the limitless blue ocean for 20 minutes. Eventually, I found a temple on a desolate island. I was more than exhilarated! My friend was like, "now you found this temple, so what?" But I mean, for me, this is the whole point of the game.  

Zhu: You have co-operated with brand Calvin Luo, who excels at creating unisex garments, in NYFW SS2018. What is your take on gender fluidity? 

Cui Xu: Gender neutralization in fashion is a big trend. But I do fashion accessories, which are not defined by nature. I won’t accentuate the neutralization of my pieces. My products are fully accessible when my customers want them. As long you are happy, everything happens organically. 

Zhu: You have also co-operated with another brand, LANYU, in the last NYFW season. LANYU has intentionally incorporated Chinese elements into their work. How about you?

Cui Xu: LANYU comes from generations of a Chinese silk family, then it is understandable that Chinese elements form a big part of LANYU’s DNA. I admire it and agree with it. However, I grew up with less salient national identity, studied in Italy, and now I am an accessories designer in the U.S. What belongs to a nation also belongs to the world. However, for sure Chinese identity has subtly influenced me. For example, the new piece Moon Scooper bag was inspired by a classic Chinese tale. In the tale, someone tried to steal the moon by scooping the shadow of the moon on a lake. For me, I hope for my customers to simply enjoy my design first, then explore the culture behind it.  

Zhu: What are your hobbies? Where you get your inspirations from? 

Cui Xu: First, designing is my top hobby and my passion. Second, I enjoy Nature. I love going into the wilderness. I also love fishing. My grandpa loves fishing and he would take me around when I was little. Gradually I developed this as a hobby. As for inspirations, they come from life. I carry a notebook with me and capture those thoughts. Geniuses can be easily lost in the glimpse of an eye, so it is very important to write them down. And my favorite designer is Martin Margiela.  

Zhu: What would you be doing if you were not a designer? 

Cui Xu: Well, designing is the best occupation for me. If I were not a designer, I would have been a geologist. I really admire those Nat Geo professionals. Inside my bones, I am adventurous. 

Cui Xu is a Designer Accessories brand founded in 2016 in New York,  committed to designing one-of-a-kind accessories including fashion jewelry, handbags and footwear. Please find more information at

Media Contact: 

Zoe Yuan 
Phone: (267) 357-6379

Source: Cui Xu


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