Dec 1 & 3: Live Video Shopping With Local Purse to Buy Unique Christmas Gifts and Impact the World

Join Local Purse on a unique Christmas shopping experience that brings the world to shoppers. This special two-day live video shopping experience will take participants virtually to Peru, China, and Nigeria to meet certified and vetted artisans preserving traditions and crafting unique artwork and items.

Local Purse x Wanderful

Local Purse supports professional guides and cultural artisans around the world by providing personalized live video shopping experiences. Local Purse has partnered with Wanderful, a global lifestyle brand that specializes in helping all women travel the world -

Join Local Purse virtually in China, Nigeria, and Peru on a special two-day live video shopping experience. Meet the artisans the experiences will be visiting virtually. Participants will also be able to shop live during the experiences:

December 1 at 11 am EST - Nigeria and Peru (1 hour) - €10 / $12 - REGISTER

  • NIGERIA - Lekki Arts and Crafts Market in Lagos is a famous market with a variety of fashion items, textiles, artwork and paintings, metal and woodwork, among others. Participants will learn about Ankara fabrics and get a chance to buy products made from this popular fabric. 
  • PERU - Connect with Andean artisans and shop their work in this virtual tour that will transport shoppers to the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Perú. During the tour, the artisans will show their traditional arts of spinning and weaving, and shoppers will get a chance to buy some of their handicrafts.

December 3 at 8 pm EST - China and Peru (1 hour) - €10 / $12 - REGISTER

  • CHINA - Visit the Dong minority village of Dali in Guizhou province, southwestern China. Meet and learn how local women are empowered through making traditional sustainable textiles with locally grown cotton, woven in the village and dyed with natural dyestuffs, which participants can buy. 
  • PERU - Watch artisans craft jewelry using local gemstones, silver, and gold in designs inspired by their Incan roots in Perú. Participants can also buy their own unique Inca jewelry during the experience too.

Registrations and purchases support local guides and cultural artisans.

Learn more and register here for this unique experience - 

Source: Local Purse


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