Debut Album Release, Colorshow, Ushers in a Springtide of New Music for 2022

Colorshow Album Cover 2022

Author, composer, songwriter Ed Gumbrecht releases Colorshow, ushers in a springtide of new music for 2022.

There is a certain alchemy that happens when songwriters work their craft — their melodies, stories, ideas and emotions blend together into that delight of musical form known as song. Good songs please ear and mind, and induce us to sing along. They nestle into our consciousness and become part of our thoughts and language.

Colorshow, the debut release by Ed Gumbrecht, is at once familiar and fresh. These are upbeat tunes neatly crafted with characters and stories that recall Jim Croce, Paul Simon, and Billy Joel.

Producer Eric Michael Lichter of Dirt Floor Recording & Production specializes in this genre of popular singer/songwriter fare. He was a student of the Laurel Canyon school and played with artists ranging from Carly Simon to Susanna Hoffs.  Of this album, he says, "Ed pulls from a reservoir of thousands of original songs, and he is constantly composing new works. For Colorshow, we cherry-picked nine representative songs. Each is a lyrical vignette. We kept the instrumentation clean and traditional to support, but not upstage, the vocal story."

The storyteller, Ed Gumbrecht, rides his musical waves with a soft baritone. His lyric narration is melodic and poetic, his voice understated in service of the song.

These tracks invite reflection. Gumbrecht observes in the album's lead song, Seashine, that "all the shimmer in the sea holds the world together," and that "everyone you love…is mostly light and water." There is humor and brightness here sprinkled with wistful nostalgia and forward-looking optimism. Big Sky has the scale and sweep of Rocky Mountain High,  Annie, the emotional depth of Same Old Lang Syne. And Be With You rocks like an early Springsteen ballad,  while Sand evokes Lennon-McCartney a la Rubber Soul. 

Gumbrecht's works draw from a seaside childhood on New York's Long Island and a large extended family across the country. He currently resides dually in Washington DC and coastal Connecticut.  He credits family with inspiring his broad collection of novels, screenplays, short stories and music.

Colorshow is the first of several scheduled album releases by Gumbrecht. A portion of proceeds will be used to support marine conservation organizations in New England, the Chesapeake and across the U.S. His next project, Enter the Muses, will be out in October of 2022. 



Colorshow, album release 2/24/2022

by Ed Gumbrecht

Recorded at Dirt Floor Recording and Production, CT

Produced by Eric Michael Lichter


  1. Seashine
  2. Be With You
  3. Every Honest Decision
  4. Annie
  5. Big Sky
  6. Sand
  7. Indian Summer
  8. Return to You
  9. One and Only (featuring Claire Marie)

Source: Ed Gumbrecht, composer