Debut Album is Interstellar "Therapy" and Visual Brilliance Courtesy of GMUSIC GROUP ("SonyRED").

Barachi: A New Form of "Therapy"

Barachi - Miami-based singer/songwriter/actor/producer

For those who have not yet been seduced by the smooth modern sound of Barachi's hit debut project "Therapy," now is their chance for a formal introduction and invitation to be wooed. The Brooklyn-born and Miami-raised producer perfectly melt the sonic sounds of hip-hop soul, pop, and vintage love songs to create this five-song Soundtrack ("EP") and visual album.

A New Form of Therapy
Barachi knows exactly what he's doing with this album. He explains, “When you’re not feeling right in your heart or mind, you go to a therapist to help you feel better. That’s why I call my album "Therapy." My music can be a vehicle for people to feel better, be positive, love each other and live well.”

When you're not feeling right in your heart or mind, you go to a therapist to help you feel better. That's why I call my album 'Therapy.' My music can be a vehicle for people to feel better, be positive, love each other and live well.


Actor and Recording Artist

The theme of the album, evident from the first note, is that of love as therapy, as medicine that permeates hearts. The therapy one receives comes in the form of audio and visual brilliance through songs such as the heartfelt “U Got Me,” the dreamy and piano-punctuated “Tell Me,” the sunny sing-a-long “Yours” and the deep space sonata “Me & U."

Therapy's Talent-Filled Creative Team
More sobering than the songs themselves is the fact that Barachi, who is unable to read music, co-composed and co-produced every song just by hearing the parts in his head. He modestly noted, “I sing out the melody notes and the lyrics, beatbox the rhythm, put it all down on my smartphone recorder, then share it with my producer.”

The producers he refers to are seasoned vet High Volume (Gucci Mane, Jason Derulo, Rick Ross) and newcomer Exly. Painting the aural portrait that is "Therapy," you'll find five-time Grammy award-winning sound mixer Fabian Marasciullo. The stunning visuals can be accredited to Dame Pierre, and helming the entire production's creative ship is Barachi's manager Lindsay Guion, CEO GMUSIC. Also, appointed by Lindsay Guion is Matthew Herman, A&R Executive for Visual Album and Soundtrack.

Influences & Inspiration for "The Lightning God"
That's right. Barachi's name means "The Lightning God," and he manages to maintain that electricity throughout every note of "Therapy." Barachi intends to ride the waves of hard work into the port of success. “When I came to ‘Cali’ to finish "Therapy," the atmosphere sparked even fresher ideas. It made me realize I’m going to have to do more traveling," he stated. "It takes my writing to another level, and I do want a Grammy.”

The debut albumoozing with simplicity in the most intricate of ways, will electrify listeners ears and touch their hearts in the best form of therapy they've ever experienced.

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