Debt Scams: Top 10 Jungle Releases Top 10 Spookiest Debt Scams

Top 10 Jungle produces debt consolidation, debt relief and personal loan comparison charts for consumers and small business nationwide.

Halloween Top 10 Spookiest Debt Scams

Top 10 Jungle, a leading provider of slick digital content and online product and service reviews, announced the release of its annual Halloween Spookiest Debt Scams.

"The 16th century Scots and Irish dressed up as the souls of the dead and went door to door asking for food and spare change. They did this to trick the evil spirits," said Benny Alvarez, Top 10 Jungle spokesman. "Today, Americans go online looking for spare change in the form of payday loans and other spooky financial products. The only difference is the evil spirit just might be your lender and the trick is on you."

Top 10 Jungle has been rapidly expanding coverage on new companies in the debt consolidation, debt relief, credit card consolidation, personal loan, small business loan, and VPN categories.


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