Debbi Moore's New Book "My Life of Turmoil" is the Unforgettable Memoir of a Woman Who Took a Life of Bad Decisions and Heartache, and Turned It Into a Life of Promise

Debbi Moore, mother, grandmother, and survivor, has completed her most recent book “My Life Of Turmoil”:  a gripping and potent memoir that retraces the steps the author took in her youth that lead to her life of misery and strife.

Published by Fulton Books, Debbi Moore’s book discusses the law that Americans trust to keep citizens safe, even those incarcerated. And now that very law had destroyed the author’s family as her brother lay lifeless with eyewitnesses giving statements on how he suffered until they killed him. Her parents were given the runaround in regards to the autopsy report, the detailed information regarding the senseless abuse and the eyewitness statements. The NAACP, local newspapers, and many attorneys were eager investigate and to take the case! Many false statements were given as well as different stories as to the honest truth of the many bruises, cuts, blood clots on the lungs, and the horrible inhumane fact that he lay there in his own bodily fluids, nude and gasping for air, and no one helped!

In the midst of this, her other brother was mistakenly shot in a robbery gone bad. Again, “My Life of Turmoil” began to spiral until she hit rock bottom. Two brothers now deceased, years of prison sentences, and many, many more psychiatric admissions, tons of prescription medications, and depression to the point of no return. She had gone from a penthouse on the water to nothing. She now shares her story to offer hope to someone’s “Life of Turmoil.”

Readers who wish to experience this intriguing work can purchase “My Life Of Turmoil” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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