Deaths From Fires at Home Are Avoidable

The Volunteer Ministers of Clearwater, Florida, join the American Red Cross Tampa Bay Chapter to help those living in Clearwater mobile home parks avoid injury and even death from home fires.

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Seven times a day, someone in the United States dies in a home fire. Countless others suffer injuries. To combat these tragic accidents, the American Red Cross has launched the Home Fire Campaign, a nationwide initiative to reduce these deaths and injuries by 25 percent by the end of 2019. 

The Red Cross volunteers will be joined in Clearwater on July 16 by a team of Scientology Volunteer Ministers who will go door-to-door with them to install smoke alarms and educate people about fire safety. While it is true that the Volunteer Ministers respond in times of disaster, they are also concerned with helping people ​avoid​ disasters like these in the first place.

“Installing smoke alarms cuts the risk of someone dying from a home fire in half, so we're joining with groups from across our community to install smoke alarms,” said Linda Jorge Carbone, CEO of the Central Florida Region and executive director of the Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross. “We also will be teaching people how to be safe should they have a home fire.”


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