Death of the Selfie? Online Profile Pros Targets 43 Million People With Online Profiles.

Online Profile Pros aims to improve the profiles of over 43 Million people with accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and online dating sites and apps. Studies show that people's first impression now starts online rather than in person and the profile photo is key.

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Dating Headshots Inc., the largest network of professional photographers, profile writers and image consultants, operating in more than 1000 top cities and towns across the US and Canada, has changed its name to Online Profile Pros (OPP).   With the proliferation of sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and others, most people have a profile online.  “Online profiles aren’t just for online dating anymore, thus the rebranding to Online Profile Pros better reflects this new reality,” states Claire Bahn, President of Online Profile Pros. 

Studies show that people's first impression now starts online rather than in person, this is especially true with social media, job recruiting and online dating.  Therefore, a good photo is key to a great first impression.  “The importance of having a great photo with your online profile has increased dramatically over the last few years.  People are starting to realize that they’re being judged based on their online profiles, this can be as trivial as what restaurants I can get into, to as important as what job offers I get.  A selfie just won’t cut it,” says Bahn.

All of the professionals under contract with Online Profile Pros operate according to OPP specifications, ensuring consistent results across all services and locations.  OPP photographers specialize in lifestyle photography, which aims to capture people in real-life places and situations in a natural manner.  The goal of this style of photography is to never have the client look too posed or overly glamourized.  Many of the OPP photographers shoot on-location as well, adding to the real life aspect of the photos. “We find that clients no longer want plain white, grey or black backgrounds, common in traditional business and actor headshots.  Natural, lifestyle photos tell a story and represent the client in a more realistic manner while still being professional,” says Bahn.

Online Profile Pros plans to expand their offerings over the next 12 months to include resume and LinkedIn profile help, as well as hair and make-up services.   “We aim to be the one-stop-shop for online profiles,” states Bahn.  

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Online Profile Pros (OPP), operates the largest network of syndicated professional photographers, profile writers and image consultants, in more than 2500 top cities and towns across the US and Canada.

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