DCT Talks Releases Latest Podcast Episode 112: 'The Right Mental Attitude'

DCT Capital Fund releases a new episode of DCT Talks starring Joseph Jackson, founder of DCT Capital Fund. In episode 112 "The Right Mental Attitude" Joseph explains the necessity of the right mental attitude that is essential for success in all business and personal ventures.

DCT Talks

Real estate investment company DCT Capital Fund, based in Houston, Texas, focuses on providing investment opportunities that maximize the returns and value to their partners. DCT Talks (Dreams Come True), a new podcast channel, highlights success, business and wealth strategies that can be applied to all aspects of life.

On this episode of DCT Talks, Hugo D. Aviles is with the founder of DCT Capital Fund Joseph Jackson, a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in the real estate market. This is one of the initial episodes recorded for his book that is coming soon.

In DCT Talks latest podcast episode 112, Joseph Jackson discusses his outlook on how the strong and positive mental attitude is not only essential for success in business but in all aspects of life. He shares that the majority of people who struggle in achieving success fail to recognize the “why” when working on their daily tasks.

Want to know more about how to achieve the right mental attitude? Listen to the full podcast to hear what Joseph has to say, only on DCT Talks, episode 112 "The Right Mental Attitude."

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DCT Capital Fund, LLC is a Houston, Texas-based investment company established in 2007, to provide a vehicle that allows smaller investors to become equity holders in income producing and/or capital appreciation projects that have historically been inaccessible to them. Their vision is to create exceptional wealth and extraordinary freedom for those who choose to have it.

DCT Capital Fund’s mission is to identify financial opportunities where they can put capital to work, utilizing their combined 70+ years of development, brokerage, investing, banking, restaurant and retail experience to maximize financial returns for its partners.

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