DCT Capital Fund Launches Its Investor Portal and Educational Real Estate Website

DCT Capital Fund launched their new and improved website that includes an academic platform to teach investors about different investing solutions and strategies and an investment portal to become an equity partner in one of their projects.

DCT Capital Fund

Real estate investment company, DCT Capital Fund, based in Houston, Texas focuses on providing investment opportunities that maximize the returns and value to their partners. With the launch of their new site, DCT Capital Fund makes it easier to invest and benefit from the growing Houston real estate market.

The new website includes 24/7 login access to investment projects, real estate strategies, quarterly project updates, and in-depth real estate investor resources that include digital sources, infographics, and much more.

DCT Capital Fund’s mission is to identify financial opportunities where they can put capital to work utilizing their combined 70+ years of development, brokerage, investing, and banking experience to maximize financial returns for its partners and provide them a competitive edge over their peers. Their knowledge of market trends such as the kind of housing features desired by homebuyers, the most desired home sizes in each neighborhood, and the best price point to sell offers value to the purchasers and high returns for investors.

Investors can participate with the company using either personal funds or self-directed accounts such as IRA’s, Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) or Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP’s). Inside the new platform, investors can browse and screen real estate investment projects, review financial details, sign legal documents, and submit the initial investment online. Once the process is complete, investors become equity partners and receive their pro rata share of project profits.

DCT Capital Fund’s crowdfunded, turnkey real estate ecosystem centers on creating a lifestyle for investors that is uninhibited by their available capital - a freedom plan. Their freedom plan is designed to create passive income to pay for one’s living and lifestyle expenses. Details of the plan are explained on the site.

To learn more about DCT Capital Fund, their investor education platform, and their freedom plan, visit https://dctcapitalfund.com/

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About DCT Capital Fund
DCT Capital Fund, LLC is a Houston, Texas-based investment company established in 2007, to provide a vehicle that allows smaller investors to become equity holders in income producing and/or capital appreciation projects that have historically been inaccessible to them. Their vision is to create exceptional wealth and extraordinary freedom for those who choose to have it.

DCT Capital Fund’s mission is to identify financial opportunities where they can put capital to work, utilizing their combined 70+ years of development, brokerage, investing, banking, restaurant and retail experience to maximize financial returns for its partners.

For information on how to create your own freedom plan and wealth through DCT Capital Fund’s opportunities, contact a DCT Capital Fund advisor by visiting https://dctcapitalfund.com/ or by calling 713-999-6646 today.

Source: DCT Capital Fund

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