D.C.'s First Certified Ganjier® Pushes for Amendments to Cannabis-Related Bills

The first certified Ganjier® in Washington, D.C., uses his expertise to push the legislative boundaries

Alan Amsterdam

Alan Amsterdam, owner of Capitol Hemp retail store in Washington, D.C., as well as the first all-American-owned coffee shop in Amsterdam back in 1998, becomes D.C.'s first certified Ganjier®. The Cannabis Ganjier Certification program aims to create highly trained, certified experts that raise the standards of excellence within the cannabis industry. All students of the program learn to examine and explore all aspects of cannabis, including the history, science, botany, genetics, cultivation, processing, sale, and consumption.

Following many months of extensive studies with some of the industry's leading cannabis professionals, Amsterdam scored 100% on the written examination. The practical examination included the application of two new industry standards: "Systematic Assessment ProtocolTM" to assess and grade cannabis product as well as the "Customer Interaction ProtocolTM".

Driven by the need to provide an effective non-pharmaceutical therapeutic solution to an ill-stricken family member, Amsterdam never gave up his pursuit of cannabis science for medicinal purposes. "The Ganjier certification is the culmination and recognition of years of hard work and legislative obstacles," says Amsterdam. "The USA virtually outlawed a natural botanical remedy, making it almost impossible for anyone to cultivate a therapeutic non-pharmaceutical alternative. Finally, all of the hard work has come to fruition and I'm encouraged that the Ganjier is now an officially recognized qualification."

On Nov. 18, 2021, the Committee on Business and Economic Development allowed D.C. residents and local stakeholders the opportunity to give input during a live hearing. Armed with the knowledge and newly acquired Ganjier certification, Amsterdam provided guidance for two proposed bills: 24-113 and 24-118.

While many states have netted over $1 billion in tax revenue to help fund community projects, the District of Columbia lacks any such provisions. Recently proposed bills 24-113 and 24-118 provide a new platform to enable both regulation and taxation of cannabis products. Amsterdam's focus centered on recognizing the needs of the small entrants to the industry, as well as members of the community impacted by the social equity bill.

Amsterdam continues to help those that may benefit from both therapeutic and recreational use of cannabis. As a co-founder of DCMJ (District of Columbia Marijuana Justice),  Amsterdam also co-authored the Initiative-71 legislation (legalizing the right to grow, consume, and share cannabis for D.C. residents). He believes that effective legislation can benefit local government by funding social programs, education and policing, and also help with a shortfall created by SARS-CoV-2.

Alan Amsterdam is D.C.'s first Certified Ganjier. He is the owner of Capitol Hemp and co-writer for the proposal of Initiative 71. Alan was the first and only American citizen to solely own a coffee shop in Amsterdam in The Netherlands back in the late '90s. Visit www.capitolhemp.com for a comprehensive history. Alan is currently setting up criteria for judging D.C.'s first Cannabis Cup in the Spring of 2022, where he'll be applying the Ganjier's Systematic Assessment ProtocolTM to judge entries.

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Source: Capitol Hemp

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