DC Promotions Volunteering With Only Make Believe

A group of DC Promotions team members recently gave back by working with kids through Only Make Believe. Kristina, the company Director, indicated that this was a fun and rewarding experience for all.

​According to Kristina, DC Promotions associates regularly identify causes that personally resonate with them. Most recently, they have been helping Only Make Believe. This organization is dedicated to entertaining children in hospitals and care facilities. Kristina and her team played with the children as well as doing arts and crafts with them.

“Only Make Believe is an amazing organization,” she said. “Its main activity is interactive theater for the children. They believe that imagination and play are essential to the healing process. We get to help by painting treasure trunks, making costumes, and playing with the kids. It was an incredible experience for everyone from DC Promotions.”

Maira, the team administrator, indicated that the majority of the leaders and other associates got involved. She added that it was a great group activity as well as a way to support the community.

“Quite a few of us took part,” Maira said. “It is always nice seeing our team coming together to accomplish something great. We are happy to give support to this awesome organization, but we gained a lot from the experience as well.”

DC Promotions’ Director Explored the Value of Team Bonding

Kristina asserted that fostering a close team culture at DC Promotions is one of her most important responsibilities. Giving back is one of the best tools at her disposal for building the company culture.

“A close-knit team can achieve so much,” she stated. “Bonding leads to greater trust and better teamwork. People know that they can rely on each other so they work together more efficiently. There is a real sense of synergy in our office because we are truly a team.”

She added that team building also leads to better communication. When people understand each other more intuitively, they can collaborate more effectively. There is a shared sense of purpose in the DC Promotions office that helps to guide everyone toward success.

To achieve this unity, Kristina has her team members come together for group activities. Giving back is one of the most popular. However, they also have team dinners, bowling, and other social events.

“Spending time together outside the office goes a long way,” Kristina continued. “We get to know each other in a more casual context. Team building doesn’t have to be complex. It just needs to be consistent and people need to be engaged.”

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