DB Press LLC Releases New Book - 'Investing in Bankruptcy Claims'

DB Press LLC Releases New Book - 'Investing in Bankruptcy Claims' The Industry Insider's Guide to Analyzing and Buying Distressed Debt

The fast-growing field of Bankruptcy Claims Trading has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Money can be made by using the secrets, strategies, and techniques discussed in this book. To learn how to trade Bankruptcy Claims, enhance knowledge, or just simply learn how this business works from the inside.

Product Details

This book includes:

*The Tools of the Trade* Official Bankruptcy Forms 

Secret Insider Documents that Hedge Funds Use

Learn how to Value your Bankruptcy Claims and make money or save money

Learn your Rights - A Creditor’s Right on claim(s)

Learn the “Inside of the business” the Secrets that your Lawyer might not even know

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Source: DB Press LLC