Dazz Unveils AI-Powered Automated Remediation for Application Security Posture Management

Product advancements include new AI-driven code fixes and remediation guidance, issue tracking and reporting, and connections with Mandiant, Orca Security, ReversingLabs, Semgrep, and more

Dazz, the leader in security remediation, today announced new capabilities in the Dazz Unified Remediation Platform, including automated code-fixes for container vulnerabilities, AI-driven remediation guidance, and new platform connections with industry-leading security tools. These major advancements will enable cybersecurity teams to use AI and automation to prioritize critical issues, fix them faster with less human intervention, and present a unified view of vulnerability management and risk to auditors and stakeholders. These capabilities are critical for both application security posture management and continuous threat exposure management strategies.

“As an industry, we’ve talked about the noise to good data ratio, and there comes a point where you have so much data that you cannot connect the dots anymore,” said Brian Miller, CISO of Healthfirst. “AI and automation connect signals in a way that humans cannot do at scale, enabling security teams to boil tens of thousands of incidents down to the 10 that present the most risk to the business. It’s a game changer for fixing critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations as quickly and accurately as possible.” 

“We founded Dazz to help security and development teams be faster and smarter at vulnerability remediation and reduce risk,” said Tomer Schwartz, Dazz Co-founder and CTO. “The newest Dazz Unified Remediation Platform release brings AI and automation deeper into the remediation process—from issue investigation to code fixes. It’s a major step forward in using AI to replace costly, manual processes and help customers secure their code, clouds, applications, and infrastructure.”

New Dazz Unified Remediation Platform capabilities include:

  • Automated Code-Fixes for Container Vulnerabilities: The Dazz platform generates automatic container code fix suggestions, highlighting whether issues originate in base images, specific docker files, or .json files. Customers can automate fixes within CI/CD steps so that the code meets their standards before being deployed.
  • AI-driven Remediation Guidance for Faster Fixes: With AI-driven remediation guidance, customers can slash the research time needed to discover and fix issues. Using self-contained language learning models (LLM), the Dazz platform surfaces actionable remediation guidance on vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with a customer feedback loop that continuously gets smarter to improve guidance.
  • Dazz Workstreams for Tracking Vulnerability Remediation SLAs: New Dazz Workstreams give customers the ability to prioritize, track, and measure remediation efforts based on any custom logic. When new zero-day vulnerabilities are disclosed, Dazz Workstreams gives teams the ability to instantly organize and track the progress of remediation towards completion.
  • Priority Scoring for Issue Findings: Dazz Priority Scores for issue findings help customers understand what to fix first and why. The Dazz platform automatically derives scoring advice using context such as issue exploitability, exposure, severity, business impact, and root causes, so customers can quickly identify the most critical issues to fix out of potentially thousands discovered by their detection tools. 
  • New Dazz Platform Connections: Dazz is extending its lead in unifying security findings with new Connections that automatically centralize, analyze, and prioritize issues for faster remediation. New Dazz Connections include Mandiant, Orca Security, ReversingLabs, Semgrep, and more.

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Source: Dazz