Dazz Partners With ReversingLabs to Enhance Unified Vulnerability Management

New Capabilities Provide Advanced Context for Faster Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation

Dazz, the leader in security remediation, today announced a new partnership with ReversingLabs (RL), the trusted name in file and software security, that gives engineering, infrastructure, and security teams advanced context that results in faster vulnerability prioritization and remediation. RL will make its Spectra Intelligence solution available within the Dazz Unified Remediation Platform, contextualizing vulnerabilities and other exposures found across code, cloud, applications, and infrastructure.

Faced with a backlog of thousands of vulnerabilities, security teams struggle with vulnerability fatigue and are often challenged to shortlist which security issues need to be fixed first. Exploitation has emerged as a critical factor for vulnerability prioritization; however, many teams lack sufficient data on vulnerabilities that are being exploited, especially across open source and commercial software and components. By integrating RL’s industry-leading threat intelligence with Dazz, customers will gain a fully deduplicated and contextualized view into all security issues known to be exploited in the wild according to RL research. RL Spectra Intelligence is a powerful threat intelligence solution with the most up-to-date threat classification and rich context on over 40 billion searchable goodware and malware files. Alongside file reputation, the solution also identifies CVEs and related in-the-wild exploit activity. 

The combination of Dazz and RL allows customers to prioritize vulnerabilities with greater context and shorten the time needed to remediate vulnerabilities down to a minimum. The Dazz Unified Remediation Platform contextualizes findings with RL exploit data, identifies the root cause of security issues, and recommends the best fix to the right owners. This Spectra Intelligence integration is now in private preview for Dazz customers.

“Dazz has invested heavily in making it easy for our customers to know what they should fix first and the best path to getting the fix done. In addition to EPSS and CISA KEV feeds in the Dazz platform, the addition of RL threat intelligence makes it easier than ever for customers to prioritize their security issues with context in order to focus on which ones are actively being exploited,” says Tomer Schwartz, Co-founder and CTO, Dazz.

“SOC teams are inundated with information overload. Our new partnership equips security practitioners with a solution to mitigate this challenge, reducing noise and enabling teams to take meaningful action quickly. Partnering with Dazz provides a new indispensable security operations tool and underscores RL’s commitment to ensuring stronger file and software security and a more resilient security posture,” says Saša Zdjelar, Chief Trust Officer, RL.

About Dazz
Dazz is the leader in remediation for security and engineering teams in fast-growing companies like Abnormal Security to Fortune 500 companies like JLL. Our platform unifies data and context from multiple environments, detection tools, and technologies; reduces security issues to root causes; and streamlines remediation in existing workflows. Visit us at dazz.io and follow us on LinkedIn at dazz-io.

About ReversingLabs
ReversingLabs is the trusted name in file and software security. We provide the modern cybersecurity platform to verify and deliver safe binaries. Trusted by the Fortune 500 and leading cybersecurity vendors, RL Spectra Core powers the software supply chain and file security insights, tracking over 40 billion searchable files daily with the ability to deconstruct full software binaries in seconds to minutes. Only ReversingLabs provides that final exam to determine whether a single file or full software binary presents a risk to your organization and your customers.

Source: Dazz