Dayshape Reinvents Centralized Resource Management for LBMC With AI Technology

Dayshape, a leader in AI-powered resource management software, proudly announces the integration of its advanced system with LBMC, a top 35 US accounting and business consulting firm. Dayshape's cutting edge technology is set to enhance LBMC's return to a centralized resource management approach.

Dayshape | LBMC

Dayshape, a software company using AI to transform professional services planning, is thrilled to welcome LBMC as a live customer. LBMC is a firm known for its forward-thinking strategies and commitment to evolution in its practices. Dayshape’s platform is uniquely designed to support LBMC’s shift towards a more integrated resource management system within its audit services.  

Matt Cockett, newly appointed CEO of Dayshape, expressed excitement about the collaboration: “We are delighted to welcome LBMC to Dayshape. As two firms with great purpose, we’re well aligned to help LBMC fulfil its goal of centralizing resource management and, under our vision of improving people’s working lives, we feel we can go further and transform the way LBMC manages people and projects.”

Previously, LBMC, boasting five offices and over 900 team members, had experimented with both centralized and decentralized resource management models. They started with a centralized scheduling approach but then shifted to team-managed systems. However, this change led to complications in overarching visibility and collaboration across teams. Recognizing these challenges, LBMC has now partnered with Dayshape to adopt a more sophisticated, centralized system. 

Ruthie Rooks, Operations Manager at LBMC, remarked on the transition: “Initially, we believed a team-managed process offered more flexibility. However, it soon became clear, especially with LBMC’s vast growth, that this approach didn’t optimize our resource allocation. Dayshape’s solution gives us the best of both: agility combined with a centralized system for enhanced decision-making.”

Dayshape’s innovative features, including two AI scheduling modes, Assist and Advise, promise optimized task allocation and improved employee morale and career development. The software considers various factors like skills, certifications, work preferences, and utilization rates, enabling LBMC to balance work-life quality, deliver exceptional client service, and empower the management team for smarter scheduling.

Additionally, Dayshape’s live engagement financials provide LBMC with real-time budget and actual comparisons, further streamlining engagement performance assessment. This integration offers a comprehensive view of data, enhancing engagement analysis and utilization rates. 

Chad Milom, Shareholder and Audit Leader at LBMC, shared his enthusiasm: “Dayshape stood out with its user-friendly interface and demonstrated service quality. After seeing its impact with other clients, we confidently chose Dayshape and look forward to sharing our experience with any firm seeking an effective centralized resource management solution.”

Source: Dayshape