Daycare Staffers Helps Families and Businesses Find Quality Child Care in DC, MD and VA

Daycare Staffers Placement Agency has been recognized as a leading trusted resource for Upscale Child Care Locator and Nanny Placement services.

Daycare Staffers Placement Agency is a locally owned child care staffing agency providing daycare locator and placement services for families and businesses throughout D.C., Maryland, and Virgina.

"Daycare Staffers is a place where we make placements on demand for families, childcare facilities, businesses, event planners and high profile clients," said Jessie Marie,  Owner of Daycare Staffers Placement Agency. "Finding quality childcare is a challenge for many families. Whether its in-home care or placement services, we help provide peace of mind to help find that mom that's home, while mom's away from home," said Jessie Marie.

"Daycare Staffers is a place where we make placements on demand for families, childcare facilities, businesses, event planners and high profile clients."

Jessie Marie, Owner

The company works to make finding child care less complicated and time-consuming for those that are not familiar with the process or the area. The agency helps clients nationwide and internationally, who are seeking child care by locating child care centers, preschools or before and after school programs. For those that prefer to have in-home care, they offer the placement option of full and part-time caregivers or a nanny. Daycare Staffers Placement Agency is the one-stop resource that find qualified, compatible caregivers for their clients.

Daycare Staffers Placement Agency is the first daycare locator that makes placements based on the clients needs. They believe that getting to know each client personally is the key to meeting the individual requirements of each customer. A personality profile is offered to clients requesting  nanny placements so they can formulate well-matched pairings to ensure a quality fit. Providing a list of ideal candidates from which to choose means clients will find the best option for their child.

The addition of a child care staffing agency within the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas guarantees that families, businesses, child development centers, hotels, preschools, event planners and high profile clients will receive quality caregivers, nannies, and teachers when they need them. The staffers hired by the agency have experience, education, and a passion for working with and caring for children.

About Daycare Staffers Placement Agency

Daycare Staffers Placement Agency opened its doors in 2015 and is owned and operated by Jessie Marie. Jessie is driven by her passion for ensuring that every child has access to quality care. She believes that through proper screening, education, and training of her staffers, that she can provide hope to the families, businesses and clients that are seeking trusted care for their children. For more information, please visit

Daycare Staffers child care locator package includes a complimentary consultation, tours of child care centers, classroom observations, and interviews with teachers and the director. The families will receive a comprehensive profile of the child care centers viewed so they can make an informed decision. Let the trained early childhood educators of Daycare Staffers visit the child care facilities and conduct the necessary interviews. The upscale daycare locator and nanny placement agency take the worry out of locating child care services because they have the time, knowledge and resources to get families the results they want and need.


Daycare Staffers Placement Agency

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