Day Translations Speaks With Immigrants From the US and Mexico Border

Day Translations Gives A Voice To The Voiceless

Day Translations

With the chaos of the immigrant caravan at the U.S./Mexico border, Day Translations provided their services to help the immigrants share their story. 

Before the caravan even hit the U.S. border, the news surrounding the immigrants has been politically charged. In an attempt to set politics aside, Day Translations interviewed caravan members to learn why immigrants want to come to America.

“Well, it’s a long story, but it’s short to tell,” said Carlos Madrid of Guatemala. While they unite in the goal of hope for a life in America, Day Translations shows that each immigrant's story of what brought them on this journey is unique. For Madrid, his goal is to reunite with two of his children in Santa Ana, California. When asked if he wanted to go to the United States, Madrid answered, “Well, honestly, what I want is to be in touch with them; to have family contact.” Deported in 1994, federal officers cut off Madrid’s communication with his children, and he has been trying to reconnect with them ever since.

Madrid’s is just one of countless stories that Day Translations not only recorded but accurately translated to share the immigrant’s perspective without miscommunication or misinterpretation.

To acquire these stories, Day Translations sent a fluent Spanish-speaking journalist into the action in Tijuana to capture video interviews of the members of the caravan. The footage was then translated by one of Day Translations’ professional translators.

Day Translations states that the mission of their company is to help people understand each other better. Immigration translations have been a staple of their daily production since the company began in 2007. Day Translations translates 20-30 immigration translations daily, topping at over 50,000 immigrant translations since the company’s conception.

Day Translations Inc. is a global, human translation company, honored in the 2018 Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. They help individuals, small businesses and multinational corporations expand their global impact by bridging the language gap. Day Translations is passionate about language and grateful for the opportunities they’ve had to support humanitarian services, including providing interpreters during the Egyptian crisis of the Arab Spring and supporting Translators Without Borders.

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