Day Translations Provides the Ultimate Guide to Localization

Day Translations' Ultimate Guide to Localization

​Technology makes the world smaller daily. Consequently, businesses are finding more opportunities to span the globe. And while it is easy to deliver a product or message almost anywhere in the world, Day Translations warns that not all countries welcome new businesses with open arms, especially with an unlocalized product. To aid businesses in expanding their brand into new cultures, Day Translations has created the “Ultimate Guide to Localization.”

Localization is the process of adapting content created in one country for a new audience from a completely different culture. The idea of localization is that the end product will appear as if it was originally created by the receiving culture, for the receiving culture. With localized content, the target audience will appreciate, and more importantly, comprehend the message and goal of the content.

The Day Translations’ Ultimate Guide to Localization helps businesses understand which content components to consider in the localization  process. It addresses elements such as the new country’s legal requirements, fitting elongated translations into a small box, and the conversion of words and phrases that don’t directly translate into the new language. The guide suggests that even details that may appear insignificant (such as dates, times, colors, measurements, and currencies) need to be considered and localized for the new audience.

“Because there are so many factors to consider in the localization process, it can seem overwhelming, and may cause some companies to throw their hands up. But we are passionate about the blending of cultures. So we are simplifying localization.” —Sean Hopwood, Day Translations CEO

Day Translations, which started as a small translation company out of Tampa, FL back in 2007, has now grown to an international organization, with multiple offices throughout the U.S. and across the globe. Their services have also expanded. Now, in addition to translations, the company also offers medical interpreting, expert legal translations, transcriptions, web services, and localization services.

In fact, the Day Translations team has had so much success with their localization services that they used their own team of specialists to expand their business in China. Using symbolic images of Chinese culture and changing their branding from blue and orange to red and white, the Day Translations localization team made an entire website from the ground up, specifically for the Chinese audience. This process included content creation, SEO optimization, user experience optimization, web design, and web development. The website, which is less than a month old, is already ranking on Chinese search engines.

The Ultimate Guide to Localization compiles Day Translations’ years of expertise into one well diagrammed blog post. A blend of informative and visually pleasing, this guide provides readers a concise description of the localization process, and the steps needed to get there.

“Localization can seem like a big step,” says Hopwood. “We’re hoping this guide breaks it down to give businesses confidence that localization is the right step for them.”

Day Translations, Inc. is a global professional translation company, honored in the 2018 Inc. 5000  as one of the fastest growing private companies in the United States. They help individuals, small businesses, and multinational corporations expand their global impact by bridging the language gap, and optimizing marketing strategies. Day Translations is passionate about language, and grateful for the opportunities they’ve had to support humanitarian services, including providing interpreters during the Egyptian crisis of the Arab Spring and supporting Translators Without Borders.

Source: Day Translations, Inc.

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