Dawn Williamson's New Book 'Love Over Adversity' Covers a Heartwarming Tale of Love, Tragedies, and Destined Circumstances

Dawn Williamson, a passionate and brilliant writer from Kansas, has completed her most recent book “Love Over Adversity”: a gripping and potent novel that follows a woman whose dreams were crushed by endless adversities along the way, and the only hope she could hold onto in the end was to break free of everything and trust her destiny.

Dawn writes, “Love and career fill her thoughts and dreams. She is determined to harness both. With every turn, there is a new challenge. With her strength and resolve tested, will she have what it takes to obtain all she desires?

She grew up in a small town surrounded by family and good friends. Having met her muse, Ryan, she finds herself immersed in him. She is young and naïve about life but very much in love. The first disappointment soon finds her, thus her peaceful adolescence is changed.

Despite the struggle of a long-distance relationship, their dedication to each other is unlike anything she has ever experienced and only overshadowed by their drive for a prosperous future. With her career taking off and their relationship in full bloom, the next disappointment proves to be tragic.

What will her existence look like after the accident? As she rebuilds herself, she discovers she is most satisfied when helping others. Her career choice in the medical field makes perfect sense. The Alzheimer’s unit provides joy, and with that, she begins to thrive. With the introduction of an old acquaintance, her life takes yet another twisted turn. She must find balance and forgive the past in order to keep the happiness she has found from slipping through her fingers.

Her heart broken and her mind weary, she resigns to fate and vows to keep going as life unfolds in ways she could never expect.”

Published by Fulton Books, Dawn Williamson’s book is a profound tale that brings to the readers the story of a woman whose drive for her goals was slowed down by a series of disappointments and failures. Will she be triumphant in the end or will she find a different happiness to live by?

Readers who wish to experience this captivating work can purchase “Love Over Adversity” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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