David Vancelette's New Book, 'How God Thinks', Holds a Brilliant Revelation of God's Heart Through His Power of Symbolism

Fulton Books author David Vancelette is a computer science graduate and an ordained minister who has worked for decades as a computer-systems analyst at Fortune 500 companies. He has completed his most recent book, "How God Thinks": an illuminating exposition that offers a clearer understanding of God's revelations. Through these pages, one will gain wisdom about God's most important vehicle of communication, which is symbolism.

Vancelette shares, "Making humankind in his image, God has designed us to understand how he thinks. We think in symbols, and so does God. God designed marriage not just to populate the earth. Marriage is a metaphor to show us the kind of relationship he wants to have with each person. In a marriage, the husband is symbolic of God, and the wife represents all humanity (Eve, the mother of all the living). The love between man and wife symbolizes God's love toward humankind. Those who persevere in marriage will learn much about God—if they grasp his symbolism.

"We live in a world of broken symbols. Hatred, divorce, murder, sexual immorality, environmental disasters, even the cross—all these are broken symbols. They give Satan the chance to shove symbolism back in God's face. This book seeks to give its reader new vision—to see broken symbols the way God sees them. Once we see how important symbolism is to God, we will draw closer to him than we ever could before and be better prepared to stand against the devices of his enemies.

"The theme of spiritual warfare between God and Satan permeates the book. Symbolism is how God thinks. Broken symbolism is how Satan thinks because broken symbolism insults and offends God. We must learn the difference in order to properly carry God's image within us."

Published by Fulton Books, David Vancelette's book shares the idea that once a person understands the symbolism behind God's commands and actions, they will also feel the way God feels about sin and broken symbolism and begin to prefer the ways of holy living instead. Understanding God's heart through symbolism is a powerful motivator that helps us align our emotions with his, leading us to a deeper love for God.

Readers who wish to experience this work can purchase "How God Thinks" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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