David Tuttle's New Book 'Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales' is a Whimsical Account That Entices Everyone to Access Their Spiritual Path With the Help of Otherworldly Beings

Fulton Books author, David Tuttle, a US Army veteran, a BS and MA degree-holder, a finance and insurance counselor, and a Reiki master, has completed his most recent book "Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales": a spellbinding adventure of a man as he traverses his spiritual path with the guidance of the beings from the so-called other dimension. His life journey showed that a healthy lifestyle such as eating a balanced diet and regular exercise, accompanied by spiritual reading would lead to a much better life. A person should be mindful of the factors that can affect their energy; and through this book, readers will get a glimpse into how to maintain balance between their mind, body, and spirit.

Tuttle shares, "I had been getting messages from psychics for some time that I should do some writing. That prompted me to create a small website page with spiritual insights in 2012. More recently, I started getting e-mail prompts and deadline notices about an online book writing class offered by psychic medium James Van Praagh whose books and television show I was familiar with.

After ignoring about six e-mail prompts, I was in Traverse City, Michigan, on vacation, when I thought it would be fun to get a psychic reading there.

The psychic told me, among other things, that my guides on the 'other side' wanted me to do some more writing. I took this as a signal that I should join the online class, which had a deadline to join two days after my reading. So I sent in the money, and after much soul-searching, Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales resulted two years later (long after the class ended).

It had occurred to me that there are many people I know who seemed to lack any hope for something after this lifetime. Everyone was out to complete physical goals or have fun without any true belief about there being an afterlife.

I had learned from my experiences that there was a very good reason to enjoy our lives here…and look forward to much more than what was visible on this planet. So I thought I would write this book sharing some of my interactions with spirits, energy, and psychics and offer my wisdom on how to create a healthier, more peaceful existence.

You, the reader, can then take that information, in addition to the many clues (including license plate messages) that we get daily from the 'other side' and discover your own reality. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I have enjoyed this process and living this life with daily reminders that we are never alone in this sphere. Have a wonderful journey!"

Published by Fulton Books, David Tuttle's book is a fascinating narrative that nudges the readers into discovering their spiritual path. There is no such thing as an accident in this world; and contrary to popular belief, life only provides lessons and not problems.

Through this short read, the author provides a meaningful lesson to his readers; everyone is an eternal spiritual being travelling through their own physical journey.

Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase "Soul Licensed: Tips and Tales" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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