David Sanguesa's Construction Projects Manage to Combine Function With Beauty

David Sanguesa’s career path has been marked by some pretty impressive achievements. Over the years, he’s helped to construct some of the most impressive high-end homes in Miami, thanks to his ability to ensure his projects are built with precision and competency while still managing to deliver them on time and under budget.

In fact, his greatest personal achievement — as far as he’s concerned — was the construction of President George Bush’s home in Tanglewood. At that point in his career, he was still working at Tanglewood Builders; in fact, it was Sanguesa’s no-nonsense work ethic that helped the struggling building firm turn around when they were on the brink of bankruptcy.

This was far from the first notable moment of his career, though. In 1992, he took home the "Finest Finisher of Custom Homes" award from David Weekley Homes. Still making a name for himself in the industry, he bagged the prize thanks to his relentless focus; always wanting to make sure that projects stay well within their budget, but also remaining aware how the value of a property — and the exponential returns to be gained when an initial construction project is properly completed — can create a significantly enhanced impression.

In 2000, David Sanguesa won the “Prism” award for a $2 million home construction project he’d been working on; the next year, in 2001, he won the same award for an even bigger estate (the value of this particular home was clocked at somewhere around $3 million).

However, it was the Finest Finisher award that put him on a straight path. He considers receiving the prize one of the biggest achievements of his life, and it was being publicly recognized for his work that gave him the confidence to continue working according to his own beliefs and values, never wavering in his goal for solidly and efficiently constructed homes.

Sanguesa fancies himself as a bit of a Psychology buff, having achieved a degree in the subject from Texas A&M University. While he studied, he helped to support himself by working as a builder, and immediately came to realize his passion for building homes.

Following his graduation, he decided to obtain a license as an agent from the Texas Real Estate Commission. These days, he continues to hold memberships for both the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and the Rice Design Alliance.

In 1988, he found the opportunity he had been waiting for; Pulte Home Corporation were advertising for a Construction Manager. Despite his lack of experience and the fact that he had recently graduated in a career which may have made many employers dubious about his attentions, Sanguesa displayed a remarkable aptitude for his work, as well as an enthusiasm for the business itself.

He followed his successful appointment as Pulte with roles at David Weekley Homes, and — later —University Towne Properties. Having built up a name for himself as a reliable and competent construction manager, a coworker told him about a vacancy within the industry which would allow him to take the next step up in his career: becoming Vice President at Tanglewood Builders, Inc.

In 1997, he decided to go begin working on his own empire. Founding David J. Sanguesa Custom Homes Inc, he used his knowledge of the industry and his passion for psychology to create a workforce to be reckoned with.

Recruiting his own legal counsel, accountant, 150 contractors, and 20 industry professionals, he began working on projects for some of the richest homeowners in the Houston Area.

Over a decade later, he began to look for a new challenge, and found many in the position of Construction Manager/Project Manager for Landa Enterprises Corp. Starting in 2008, he immediately got to work, helping to construct and remodel properties for some of Miami’s wealthiest residents.

Some of his most notable projects at Landa included helping to put together a 36-unit mid-rise building off Miami Beach, alongside a 100 home suburb project in the Granada Estates, as well as several bespoke South Miami high-end homes; these included waterfront properties, a six-thousand-foot home, and one $8 million estate.

The sheer scale of such projects might be intimidating to many, but not to David Sanguesa. He focuses on using his abilities to create wonderful homes, accurate to the visions of their owners, and pleasing for passers-by to walk past on a daily basis. While his incredible work speaks for itself, it’s no secret that he’ll always have some of Miami’s richest begging him to take on more.

Source: David Sanguesa