David Sanguesa Uses Prestige Awards and Titles to Build Strong Career in the Construction Industry

David Sanguesa has had a pretty impressive career in the construction industry. Even though a lot has changed over the years since Sanguesa first started in the early 1990s, he has been dedicated to building properly-planned homes. His greatest achievement - both professionally and personally - was the building of former President George H.W. Bush’s home in Tanglewood.

While the notable home was being constructed, David Sanguesa pulled then-employer, Tanglewood Builders, from the brink of bankruptcy. The work on the home not only helped Sanguesa’s career but also helped save the company. David Sanguesa began his career in the home building while still a student at Texas A&M. After graduation, he started work for a large production builder and was awarded the “Finest Finisher of Custom Homes” title.

The award was bestowed on Sanguesa by David Weekly Homes in 1992. At the time, Sanguesa was still a fresh face in the construction industry. Not only was the award beneficial for his career, but also a strong bargaining tool when bidding for jobs in the future. The award gave him the confidence to believe that he could make a career from his passion. Sanguesa’s success came from his leadership of supervising the job site, believing how valuable it is to establish an excellent relationship with his crew and being able to deliver the type of home his client expects.

“Creating a relationship of trust and confidence is a very important part of building a new home,” says Sanguesa. Sanguesa decided to take the leap into self-employment, starting David J. Sanguesa Custom Homes Inc. Using the experience and notoriety he gained from his previous employers and work, he put together a workforce which included 20 industry professionals and 150 contractors.

He used his knowledge of the industry and his passion for psychology to create the workforce that would be respected throughout the area. In 2000, David Sanguesa won the “Prism” award, adding another highly-recognized title to his career. The award came from a $2 million home construction he had been working on. The following year, he won the same award for the work on an even bigger estate - the value of his home was estimated to be somewhere around $3 million.

While building the home of a former president is at the top of his professional achievement list, winning the “Finest Finisher” award. Sanguesa calls the title one of his biggest achievements of his life, but the award was able to bring publicity to his work. It boosted his confidence to continue to work according to his values and beliefs, never swaying away from his goal for award-winning constructed homes.

Never settling for contentment, Sanguesa decided to pursue a new challenge as the Construction and Project Manager at Landa Enterprises Corporation. Starting in 2008, he worked on some fairly sized projects, including a 36-unit mid-rise building just off Miami Beach.

He also worked on a 100 home suburb project in the Granada Estates and several custom-built South Miami high-end homes. Those homes included water-front properties, a six-thousand-foot home, and an $8 million estate. David Sanguesa prides himself on how his product delivery affects customer impressions and in how he gets the best of his workers on the construction site.

Using both the prestige from his numerous awards and his degree in Psychology from Texas A&M, Sanguesa has put together one of the finest construction industry careers across the country.

Creating wonderful homes in the Miami area accurate to the visions of their owners are what Sanguesa prides himself on. He believes that understanding the value of a property, as well as the value of the project which has been properly planned and completed, can help to create a positive reputation in any industry, especially construction.

Source: David Sanguesa